Where Are You On The Couple Map?

Two years ago, we created Couple as a way to easily connect with our significant others because we, like many of our users, experienced the stress of long distance relationships. Our goal has always been to create a safe and intimate place for couples to share, connect, interact, and plan together. Since then, the app has evolved as we’ve continued to add new features and surprises for our users, and we’re thrilled to see so many users “coupling” from all over the world. Because Couple is only used between you and your partner, it’s easy to forget that there are tons of other couples out there, just like you, who are sending their favorite stickers, collecting moments, waiting for their phones to light up with a Thumbkiss, and getting excited at the sight of a Couple notification. In fact, to illustrate just how large cialis generic the Couple community is, we’ve created a live map to celebrate the lovers across the world who are constantly connecting and sending their love through the app. map-activity-large As you can see above, the map is updated with live stats including:

  • The total number of messages sent worldwide – which is almost at 1.6 billion (yes BILLION!) to date.
  • The top 3 most active cities – is your city one of buy viagra canadian pharmacy them?
  • The most active long distance connections – lots of cialis and sore throat long distance lovers out there!
  • The most popular stickers used in the past 15 minutes

So where are you and your loved one in the midst of all this? genericcialis-onlineed.com Sign in at the top of the page to see. And while you’re at it, send your partner a message. if woman takes cialis You’ll notice a yellow beam connecting the two of you. There you are! The map is yet another way to connect you and your partner, and is only shared between the two of you. Your location remains completely anonymous unless you login. Hopefully the map shows you what a vibrant place the Couple community is for lovers (no matter where you are in the world), maximum dose cialis per day to connect and interact. We thank you for being a part of it, and look forward to finding new ways for you and your partner to connect.  

couple proposal via giphy


Proposal Day — a very special holiday dedicated to those fine folks who didn’t get around to popping the question on Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, or even President’s Day — is just around the corner. The name of the day speaks for itself.

But if you’re the type of person who has to wait for something called Proposal Day to get down to the business of asking someone to spend a lifetime with you, and plan on taking advantage of the March 20 holiday to propose, you probably want to make a pretty grand gesture. Maybe even the kind of gesture that will make you two lovebirds famous on the internet.


Below, we’ve outlined some tips for proposing in big, bold fashion — and possibly becoming a viral sensation.


1. Propose via choreographed group dance, preferably in a very public place




People love watching choreographed dances on the internet, and people love declarations of love. Combine these two factors and you, too, could have 11 million page views on your YouTube proposal video.


2. Propose via an incredibly sophisticated and complicated art project — and film your beloved discovering it


For instance, write and illustrate a beautiful children’s book:




Or program an adorably whimsical website:




3. Rent out a sports stadium and hire an orchestra:




For the record, this one is a little bit pricey. But a message on the jumbotron will not go viral.


4. Get your message on the local news. If your lover is the one announcing that news? Even better.




Got a better idea? Let us know in the comments!

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And one more thing: Before you attempt a viral proposal, ask yourself one critical question: Is your partner going to want that kind of attention?


Good luck!


New Sticker Release: Shadow

Forget Casper – Shadow viagra effectiveness time is the friendliest ghost around. There is nothing

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to worry about with this guy except maybe how quickly he will melt your heart! You can put those spidey senses away because the Shadow Sticker Pack will be available __________ on iOS and Android. Bu_in_love

Couple + Life360

A New Home for Couple

In 2012, a small

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team of us moved to Mountain View as the first step of an amazing four-year journey. Having experienced the difficulty of spending time apart from our significant others, we realized that what we were missing in this world of impersonal technologies was a more intimate way to stay connected to the ones

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we loved. We set out to fix our own problem, and with that, Couple was born. Since those early days in California, we’ve helped millions of people connect with those who mattered most to them. It’s amazing to think that a small group of us could touch so many people’s lives around the world. Today, just a few days before Valentine’s Day, we are very excited to announce the next step in our journey: Couple will be joining San Francisco-based Life360! What does this mean for you? Everything you have come to know and love about Couple will continue to be available. As always, we’ll be working to provide you with an amazing product and are very excited about the new opportunities that Life360 provides for Couple. We couldn’t have done this without all of you, and are very grateful for all your support along the way. We’re excited to continue this adventure together. Sincerely, Team Couple

Quiver Redesigned: Matchmaking Made Simpler

A new version of Quiver is ready for download! Over the past month, we’ve seen over 100,000 votes on matches by Matchmakers around the world. In the latest version, we’ve made some major upgrades to the app design, and greatly improved performance in key components of the app.

On the design side, the app has received a major overhaul. We’ve stripped out the buttons on the matchmaking screen and focused on creating an intuitive, minimalist user experience. We’ve greatly improved chat performance, and integrated additional functionality, such as photo sending. Let’s take a second to go through some of the new screens…


When you register for Quiver, you’ll be prompted to “hide” or “show” your profile in the app. If you solely want to matchmake for friends, or people around the world, select “hide profile” and you’ll be able to play the game without getting matched yourself. If you want to get matched with other users in the app, make sure to show your profile!

Matching-1 Matching-2Matching-3

Once you’re in the game, swipe two cards together to match them, or swipe them apart to pass.

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You’ll see what other people voted on that match. Remember, for a match to go through, the majority of people need to like the match.

Match-2 Match-1

Any time you receive a match, you can now see who matched you and your match percentage based on votes in the system. Inside the chat screen, you can always access a person’s profile by tapping their avatar in the top right.

We have more changes coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for updates! The next update will build on top of Quiver 1.0, and increase functionality for Single users, and their friends. You can download Quiver on the Apple App Store. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

Quiver: The Matchmaking Game

Blog FIntroducing Quiver

With over 3 million downloads of Couple, we think we know a thing or two about what makes people compatible. This Valentine’s Day, we’re releasing a Beta version of

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our new Matchmaking app, Quiver. What’s it all about? Well, rather than relying on a cold, mechanical matching algorithm, Quiver lets real people do the matching. Our philosophy, is that you are much better than a computer at seeing

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who would be compatible with your friends. We also think it’s a hundred times more interesting to be matched by a person, than a computer, so why not let people play Cupid? Quiver finds pairs of people in the app who we think are compatible. We show them to a handful of matchmakers in the game to see if they agree. If enough of them do, the two people get the chance to connect! This could be a friend, and a friend of a friend (by lederman at dh fashion), or two people in the game who should definitely meet! It’s a fun new way to meet people, and an exciting way to help your friends meet new people! Spread-1

Game Rules

At it’s core, Quiver is a game. Every player can be either be a Matchmaker and play Cupid, or register as a Single, to be put in the game. Matchmakers get a limited number of “arrows” that they can use to make a match in the system. If the two people they match end up liking each other, the Matchmakers level up, gain influence in the game, and get more arrows! It takes at least 2 out of 3 matchmakers agreeing on a match for it to be shown to the single users in the game. If only 1 out of 3 matchmakers agree, the matchmaker on the out loses an arrow, and the pair does not get the chance to connect. What if you run out of arrows? Don’t worry! We’ll fill up everyones Quiver with arrows once a day.

Beta Release Details:

Who can sign up? Anyone, anywhere, can sign up as a Matchmaker with their Facebook account. We’ll be doing a rolling release for singles who sign up to be in the game, initially launching to Chicago, New

York, and San Francisco. If you’re not in one of these cities, download the app and we’ll push notify you when we’re available in your city! Do I have to be single to use the app? No, you can sign up and select “hide profile” to just play the Matchmaking game! In fact, we implore you to do so! Coming Soon

  • Availability in more cities
  • Better controls for your “inner circle”
  • Awesome badges
  • Superpowers when you level up

Check out the app at TryQuiver.com and download the app in the App Store now to start playing the game! Android users can sign up for the waiting list for our Android version on the site. Screen3

Buying the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Source: Jewelry Wise

(Source: Jewelry Wise)

Planning to pop the question any time soon? Putting a ring on it? We reached out to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and got a lot wiser about buying this precious stone. We share some helpful insights that will make buying an engagement ring hopefully a bit easier.

For centuries proposing went hand in hand with an engagement ring. In the beginning of the 20th century the engagement ring gained popularity after De Beers advertised it to men as a status symbol, but before that it wasn’t unusual to give your fiancé an engagement ring. It is known that the Egyptians wore engagement rings thousands of years ago, just like the romans did in the ancient empire. Throughout the time it became tradition in western societies for men to give a ring when they asked their girlfriend to marry them.

Where to buy
The GIA recommends buying a diamond engagement ring from a jeweler with the right qualifications. As a diamond seeker, look for a jeweler’s certification and make sure the diamond comes with a certificate. If the jeweler has a GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG) or Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) diploma, you can be sure that they know what they are talking about. As long as the jeweler has the right certificates it doesn’t matter where you buy your ring; you can even buy it online. Blue Nile, for example, has a big arrangement of rings and settings that you can easily customize into your own ring for an affordable price. They also have a 30 day return policy, and all their diamonds are GIA certified!

GIA diamond certificate (Source: http://www.gia.edu/gem-lab-service/diamond-grading)

GIA diamond certificate (Source: GIA)

Most people recommend not spending more than two to three months of income for an engagement ring. An engagement ring in the United States costs about 4,000 dollars on average, but even with a smaller budget you can find a very nice ring. Make sure not to spend more than you have.  Please note that some people might tell you that the diamond is a great investment but be aware that there are people that claim the contrary.

4 C’s
When you are buying your significant other a diamond, make sure to pay attention to the four C’s: Clarity, Cut, Carat (weight) and Color. Each of those C’s contribute to the quality and price of the diamond. See below the variations of color:

Diamond Color (Source: http://www.gia.edu/diamond-quality-factor)

Diamond Color (Source: GIA)


Diamond Color Grading (Source: GIA)

Self evidently, clarity stands for the clarity in the diamond. The less inclusions and blemishes the clearer and more expensive the diamond.


Correlation between Clarity and Value (Source: GIA)

The Cut determines whether the stone is cut excellent, poor, or somewhere in between. The quality of the cut has everything to do with the dimensions of the diamond. The better the cut, the shinier the diamond. The GIA explains on their website that the proportions of the diamond allow them to evaluate how successfully a diamond interacts with light to create desirable visual effects such as:

  • Brightness: Internal and external white light reflected from a diamond
  • Fire: The scattering of white light into all the colors of the rainbow
  • Scintillation: The amount of sparkle a diamond produces, and the pattern of light and dark areas caused by reflections within the diamond (Source: GIA)

Read more about the Cut here.

The final C that defines the quality is the Carat of the diamond. The Carat is the weight of the stone, and is weighted to two decimal number places. The bigger is not always better, it’s important to take all C’s in consideration when buying a diamond.

There are many styles to pick from when choosing an engagement ring. You can figure out what your girlfriend is into by looking at the jewelry she likes to wear. Is she into vintage, classic, modern, romantic, etc.? Most likely your future wife will wear this ring 24/7, so make sure you choose something that fits with different outfits and is not very time-bound. The safest option is to choose a classic model.  An example of a classic engagement ring is a gold, white gold or platinum ring with a diamond stone like you can see below.

Classic engagement ring

(Source: Blue Nile)

Keep in mind that the engagement ring is often worn with the wedding ring, so buy something that will fit the wedding ring. For inspiration check out the Top Twenty Engagement Rings from Blue Nile.

If you have no clue about her size the GIA recommends the following:

The average ring size in the US is 6 (based on the ‘average’ US female being 5’4″ tall and weighing 140 lbs.) If she’s more slender, or fine boned, her ring size is probably in the 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 range. If she is heavier, larger boned or taller, her ring size is probably in the 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 range (by lederman at dh fashion). It’s always better to buy a ring a bit bigger than you think she’ll need, because sizing a ring down is much easier than increasing its size. (Source: GIA)

You can also try to find a ring your girlfriend wears on the fourth finger of her left hand and sneak it to a jeweler. This would be a perfect measure for your girlfriend’s ring size.

The media wants you to believe that the size and the price of the ring stands for the amount of love you have for your significant other, but don’t let them fool you. Just choose the ring that you can afford and put some thought into the style of the ring. Most likely your partner will be overwhelmed by any ring, no matter how big or expensive it is! You can also be creative and make the ring yourself like this guy who made a diamond ring out of titanium or this guy who made an illuminative titanium ring.

Please let us know if you have any experience with buying an engagement ring and feel free to share some tips!

P.S. We just found out that Blue Nile has a 15% discount for Valentines if you use the coupon code HEART15 until 6:59 pm on February 13th.

What Does a Heart Rate Looks Like During a Proposal?

Audrius proposed to Gabija while he was wearing a heart rate monitor

What started as a couple’s anniversary getaway, ended in a romantic proposal in the Colosseum in Rome. Audrius and Gabija from Lithuania were together for three years
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when Audrius popped the question. Instead of taking photos or a video of the proposal he recorded his heart beat! We read about his proposal on reddit and we got in touch with him. He told us he is a Couple user and he shared his story with us. As big Gladiator fans they choose to go to Rome for their anniversary. They had seen the movie multiple times and thought it was time to pay a visit to the ancient stadium in Rome. To see what would happen, Adrius wore a heart rate monitor during the proposal: “I had a feeling that this will

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be stressful”. And he was right! The graph he shared on reddit shows that he was indeed a bit stressed before asking his girlfriend to marry him (by mariana at dresshead fashion). But luckily Gabija said yes and soon his heart rate went down again (see graph).

Audrius’ heart rate during his proposal

Another reddit user named ao11112 read Audrius’ post and decided to do something alike. But he didn’t measured his own heart rate during the proposal, but his girlfriend’s! Below you can see his girlfriend’s heart rate. Do you see a pattern?

Heart rate of girl during proposal

Check out Audrius’ reddit post here and ao11112’s post here. What are your thoughts on wearing a heart rate monitor during a marriage proposal?


New Sticker Release: Teddy

No household is complete without a special and well worn Teddy. He’s the one that’s seen you through everything, listening attentively to all of life’s woes and woos. He loves unconditionally and expects nothing in return.

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Send your loved one some nostalgia this week with Teddy, available for constant cuddling on iOS and Android.  


New Sticker Release: Aquamarine

We are very excited to announce our latest sticker pack, a sweet and adorable school of marine life. Keep your scuba gear

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on because Aquamarine is already available on Android and will be made available on iOS tomorrow!