Share a Sketch Contest Week 3 Winner

Happy December! We have now entered Week 4 of our Share a Sketch contest. We still have two more dinners to give away! You can enter your sketches simply by sharing them on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr and adding #PairContest and to your entry.

Our Week 3 winner is brydels on Instagram! Who else remembers waking up early on Saturday to watch cartoons like Pokemon?


Here is the lovely couple, Wooree and Nick!


What are your names?
My girlfriends name is Wooree, or just Woo for short. And my name is Nick!

How long have you been together?
We’ve been together for 9 months now.

How long have you been using Pair and what’s your favorite feature?
We’ve been using pair since October. We really like the sketch part!  It’s probably what we use the app for most because its fun and cute.

Where do you plan on going for dinner?
Zahav or Osteria. They are two of the nicest places in Philadelphia.

Congratulations again, Wooree and Nick! Enjoy your dinner and thank you for sharing an adorable sketch with us.

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