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Couple Privacy: Keeping Your Secrets Safe

image When we first set out to build Couple, we did so

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with privacy and intimacy in mind. In the wake of the numerous privacy issues surrounding photo-sharing and messaging apps, we want to take a few moments

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and discuss how viagra free sample we keep your most private moments safe and sound. Continue reading

Share Your Love in Every Language


The language of love blue cross blue shield coverage cialis is universal, but the words we use to convey the feeling? Well… not so much. That’s fake prescription for online pharmacy why we are announcing The Couple Translation project, a project to help couples share their tadalafil und kiffen love through Couple in every language.

Everyone can apply to be involved, even you! We are looking for:

  • Translators, who will help translate Couple into different languages,
  • Language ambassadors, special individuals to review translations and ensure that our translations are correct and high quality.
  • *Super critical need for uk cialis Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Chinese translators.

Want to see Couple in your language? Come and help translate Couple to your language by signing up for buy viagra cialis online uk an account at

Interested in becoming a language ambassador? Send us an email to and let us know and we’ll get you set up.

For any other questions— or if you just really, really want to use Couple in Klingon, Quenya, or a language not listed here — drop a order viagra canada line to or

Does the Internet enable intimacy?

“Yes, “ according to Stefana Broadbent, a cognitive scientist and professor of Digital Anthropology at the University College of London. In a popular TED talk, she explores how people use technology to break down the institutional barriers of school, work, and community that attempt to curb personal communication in daily life. Is our day-to-day technology use improving our relationships with others? And in the age of social media, are we using our networks to communicate with as many people as possible?

“Does the Internet Enable Intimacy?” a TED talk by Stefana Broadbent really, Broadbent discovered: the average person is in regular contact with just 5-7 people. After studying the communication habits of hundreds of people, she found that:

  • the average Facebook user has 120 friends, but engages regularly with only 4-6 people,
  • users of instant messaging average about 100 contacts, but chat with just 2-4 of them,
  • Skype users tend to communicate regularly with 2 contacts,
  • people are using video communications to spend time with faraway loved ones.

“When given the possibility,” she writes, “ most people want to be able to keep in touch with their personal social sphere whenever they want or feel the need for it.” Alternately, people are willing to text under the table and otherwise circumvent policies in schools and in the workplace for a few precious words with a loved one or their partners. In fact, she notes in the TED talk, a Pew Research Center study found 50% of email access, 75% of phone calls and 100% of text messages sent and received in the workplace are personal communications with partners, spouses, or family members.

“SMS is to tell you I miss you, email is to organize our dinner, voice is to say I’m late, and IM is to continue our conversation,” says Broadbent. And as smartphones and tablet devices become more accessible than ever to the average person, it’s no surprise to see that chat apps like WhatsApp, iMessage and Kik have surpassed the use of text messaging in daily communication. Social media networks are also used to specialize social contact: we use Facebook to connect with the wider world , networks like Path to connect with a small circle of friends, and apps like Couple to stay in close contact with a partner.

Though technology allows us to keep in touch with more people in more ways than ever, what’s most important is close, frequent contact with those who matter to us the most. As we increase the number of tools we use with our loved ones, however, it is almost impossible to create a complete record of the communication we have with one person, a problem we’ve set out to solve by building a private place for all of your most intimate exchanges with the person you love the most.

Google Play Staff Picks Feature!

image Woohoo, happy days! We’ve been featured as a Staff Pick by Google Play! It’s a great honor to be hand picked as an App to Watch and we’d like to send a big hug and thank you to all our users. We could never have been featured without you. To the good folks at Google Play, a huge thank you for noticing us and deeming Couple worthy of

Today you on
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sharing. A few of our favorites in the current crop of Google Play Staff Picks are:

Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Time for a romantic getaway with your partner? Hipmunk makes trip planning painless and fun! Plus we just love the little chipmunk mascot. Flipboard: Your News Flipboard creates a magazine just for you – flip to read about the topics you want: from Facebook status updates, Travel articles, to pieces from the Financial Times. COUPONS & HOT DEALS – Shopular Shopular makes shopping for good deals easy by popping up when you go

to the mall. With the money you save, you can bring your partner on even more dates! We hope you enjoy discovering some new apps in Google Play’s Staff Picks. Sharing is caring, so don’t forget to share your favorite apps (like Couple!) with your friends and family!

New updates for iOS and Android!

Hi everyone, Hope your Mother’s Day weekend (here in the U.S.) was filled with the enchantment and joy only family can bring! Our Couple family on the other hand, was tucked away in the basement working hard on improvements to Couple… we present

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to you, new updates for both iOS and Android! iOS update Videos from Library You asked and we answered. You can now select videos from your phone library. Just tap on +, the video icon, and select Library. Go crazy! Direct Call button Call to tell your partner about your hot new shoes. Enter your partner’s phone number in Settings and you’re set. (Please note the call button links to your phone’s regular call option. Your service provider’s phone charges will apply.)

Delay on Security Code requirement
Set a delay time on when the security passcode is required after you minimize Couple. Go into Settings, Require Security Code, and set a time that suits you. No more prying eyes!

image image   Android Updates Call Feature Hear the warm sound of your partner’s voice with a simple tap of the call button at the upper right corner. Set up your partner’s phone number in Settings and you’re good to go. (Please note that the call button is a link to your phone’s regular call option. Your service provider’s regular phone charges will apply. )

New and Improved Camera Here’s Ollie, the Twitterrific mascot we received from Cute Fight and Twitterrific. (Thank you!) Our redesigned camera makes Ollie look extra cute with five different filters. (With more on the way because everything looks cooler through a filter (via mariana at dresshead fashion). Try them out and share your photos with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

image imageSecret feature Can you keep a secret? Tap on the lock icon at the lower right of the screen to set your photo to be a Secret or to Self Destruct. For all the Mr. and Mrs. Smiths out there.

Delay on Security Code Requirement Choose your desired time frame in Settings and minimize Couple without needing to enter your security code every single time. Convenience and security rolled into one.

image image We hope you enjoy these new features and that they help further enhance your most important relationship. We welcome your feedback and hope to hear from you soon! As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the new update, please let us know and we will work with you to resolve them. Download Couple for iOS in Apple iTunes or Android in Google Play Rate Couple in Apple iTunes or Google Play (By the way, Couple is cross-platform compatible so all you star-crossed-platform lovers are cool too.)