Couple Story: Sarah + Kurt

Today, we’re launching “Couple Stories,” a blog series where Couple users can share how they stay connected to the person they love the most. In our first-ever Couple Story, Sarah, a military wife, shares how she uses Couple to stay in touch with her husband Kurt who is currently serving in Afghanistan. Many, many thanks go to Sarah for taking the time to write this post. image My husband Kurt and I first met in high school and started dating our senior year. The thing that most attracted me to him, other than his good looks, was that when I asked him what he wanted to do with his life he had a plan. At 18 years old he knew exactly what he wanted in life, I always wanted to date and marry someone that had a plan. We dated long-distance for four years while we were getting our degrees. Once married, we moved to Tokyo, Japan for my husband’s first military assignment. We were there for a couple of years before being stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Base and had been here for about a year and a half when the deployment notice came down. I immediately started to look for tools that might help make the deployment process easier. I stumbled upon the Couple app on another military spouse’s blog. She recommended the app because it allowed her to keep an on-going and private conversation with her husband. My husband and I both downloaded the app to our iPads and iPhones and have been using it ever since! In my experience, there are three keys to a long-distance relationship: communication, patience, and devotion. You must find the time to communicate with each other daily. This allows you to still be part of each other’s lives while being apart. Because I communicate with my husband every day it feels like he could be in the other room instead of thousands of miles away. You must be patient with your partner, yourself, and with the length of separation. There are times when I want to start a fight because I am upset with the way he says or does something but then I ask myself, ‘what good would come from that?’ If my actions would only cause us pain then I refuse to act on those impulses. Finally, you have to be willing to devote yourself to the relationship in ways that not many people can understand. Working on your relationship to make it stronger is 10x harder when the person is far away, but also 10x more important. Keeping the love alive is a challenge each couple faces but how they meet that challenge is different for each couple. Focus on creating opportunities for honest communication that allow you to strengthen the ties that already hold you together. image We love the app because it is easy to use and allows us to keep up regular communication despite being thousands of miles apart. We especially appreciate that the app can be password protected. Our communication with each other can be honest, without the fear that someone will read what we say. I especially like to use Couple to send him notes while he is sleeping. I have a terrible memory and this app allows me to remind him and myself of something important I needed to talk with him about when he wakes. Couple is more than a text messaging app, my husband and I communicate with pictures, drawings, and voice recordings. We can also use the thumbkiss to feel closer to one another. I can even let him know my location so that he knows how soon I will be home in order to Facetime. I recommend Couple to all my friends who have deployed spouses or who are in a long-distance relationships. But now that I have used it for many months I believe that we will use it even when my husband comes home. It helps Kurt and I stay connected in so many ways, and we will use it even when he comes home to stay close. Do you have a Couple story that you’d like to share? Send

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