Couple Story: Kelsey + Stephen

image For our second Couple Story, we’re handing our blog over to Kelsey + Stephen, a long-distance pair in a bi-coastal relationship finding their places in the world as young adults. After two years together— and multiple moves— they are 2,267 miles apart and are looking forward to the day that they are together and in the same place once again. Many, many thanks go out to Kelsey for taking the time to share their Couple Story! Stephen and I met in 2010 when he came to Southern California to help start a 3-year internship program at my church. In the third year of the program, each student is required to take an elective class where they shadow a staff member at our church. I had been

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working at the church for a few years as the graphic designer and one day, Stephen chose to take my elective. Oddly enough, I was like a teacher to him for around 3 months! During that time, we spent a couple of hours a week together; it was then that we began slowly building up a friendship. At some point, we found ourselves hanging out outside of those elective hours with our mutual friends. After several fun group outings to Disneyland and Los Angeles, Stephen and I began a relationship. After 6 months of being together, his internship program ended and he needed to search for a job and a place to live. Doors just weren’t opening for him where we were, and he ended up moving back to the town he grew up in. Thus began our our long distance relationship. For a year, we were only an hour and a half away— until Stephen moved to another town, which put us three hours away from each other. And then, at the beginning of this year (just before our 2 year anniversary), I moved here to South Carolina. Whew! Despite all 2,267 miles between us at the time, Stephen was my New Years kiss—thumb kiss that is! ;)


When it comes to being in a long distance relationship, it is important for couples to share as many moments as possible with each other. We really love that Couple is OUR app. It’s a special way of texting for us and sharing our day to day life. We send pictures, videos, voice recordings, drawings, thumb kisses and texts through the app every day to close the gap. We even use the Call & FaceTime features in the app since that’s how we “date” each other! image Before I go to work in the morning, I send him a picture of myself so that when he wakes up three hours later (Pacific Standard Time), it’s almost like he gets to see me every morning. He’ll tell me he’s thinking of me and send a picture in response sometimes. In the past, he has shared silly things like a video of himself dancing in the car and a picture of his lips puckered up close to the camera. He’s always using the “Thinking of You” feature and sending videos/voice recordings wishing me a good day and briefly telling me about his. For a long distance relationship to be successful, it’s important to know that things just aren’t going to be the same and to adjust expectations accordingly. Before I moved to South Carolina, I stumbled across this blog, and its quotes and stories have really helped me. When you’re far apart, you won’t be able to do certain things other couples do but

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you can still be creative in making memories together. Honestly, I’m really not a fan of being long distance, but because we really do love each other and want to be together, it drives our commitment and motivation to make it work. I don’t think there’s really any magic to what we do, but Couple really is a HUGE part of making our distance relationship special…and I think it’s important for LDR couples to find their own special niche. This post is the second in of our Couple Stories, a blog series where Couple users share how they stay connected to the person they love the most. Do you have a Couple story that you’d like to share? Send an email to and your story could be here!

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