Stickers: A Sneak Peek

image A few weeks ago, we spotted this article from the Wall Street Journal about a new digital communication trend in which users convey emotion to one another within messaging apps via the “digital sticker.” According to the author,

“People can now avoid conveying complex emotions in writing, because they can express themselves with tiny images of doe-eyed puppies or flatulent bunnies.”

We’re not so sure about the flatulent bunnies part (please, fellow technologists, whatever you do, don’t make that a scratch ‘n sniff sticker), but as the creators of a messaging app meant to bring people closer together, new modes of expression and communication are very near and dear to our hearts. Why has communication through images become so in-demand? According to the experts,

  • “Stickers play into the human affinity for icons,” says Dacher Keltner, a University of California, Berkeley, psychology professor who worked with Facebook in developing their stickers. “We are a super iconic species,” he says. “Textual communication is serial but human communication is parallel.”
  • “It isn’t surprising that digital communication has become more visual with things like stickers, ” says Naomi Baron, an American University linguistics professor, because popular culture has become more visual. Humans have always tried to find easy ways to decorate messages, she says, but “we’re a much more graphic culture than we used to be.
  • Or, “People misread texts a lot, but it’s really hard to misread a cute bunny holding a heart.”

At a time when images are more prolific in our culture than ever, it seems pictures are still worth a thousand words. Stickers and emoji are among the most-requested features from Couple users, even beating out inquiries from long-distance couples about a teleportation features. With that in mind, we’re unbelievably excited to give you an early sneak peek at a little something-something that will be coming soon to your Couple timeline in our next update: stickers!

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    image image imageBefore we let our stickers out into the wild, we need your help giving them names! If you’d like to help name the newest additions to our app, click here. Each day, couples send millions of moments to one another, with emoticons, pictures and sketches making up a large part of the communication that goes on within our app. Though there’s no word yet on when the entire Internet will finally band together and create an official sarcasm font to help clear up miscommunication, we’re thrilled to give our users one more way to share their feelings with one another, whether they’re googly-eyed, puppy love, or positively out of this world.

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