Four Awesome Lists to Use with Your Partner


When it comes to technology, learning your way around a new app– or finding new features in a tried-and-true favorite can be one of the most rewarding experiences of all. With this in mind, we’re launching a blog series of pro tips to answer your questions about how to best use the variety of different features within the app. To kick it off, we’re answering a

common question that regularly comes up with users who are new to the Couple community:

“How can I use lists with my partner? What kind of lists should we make? Where do I start?”

The easiest way to start building lists with your partner is to start with the practical tasks you share. Weekly grocery lists, “To Do” lists, and chores lists can help you and your partner keep things running smoothly in your daily lives. But, the best way to use lists, especially if you want to use them to get closer to your partner, is to just have a little fun. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Bucket Lists: A spot for anything and everything you could ever want to do together.


  • Date Night Lists: A great place to save fun restaurants + activities you’d like to do enjoy with your partner.


  • Romance Lists: For those lovey-dovey days when you want to do something special.


  • Naughty lists: No explanation needed. ;-)

Once you make a list within the app, it will be immediately available to both you and your partner– you will even be able to see who last updated the list at any time. Because the lists you make within the app are shared, you and your partner can go through and favorite items that you’re really looking forward to doing together. (Select the star that is on the right hand side of the list option!) When it’s time to cross completed items off your list, you’ll even be able to see who marked the item as finished.

Upcoming trip? Make a list for it. Shared life goals? Make a list for it. Whatever you’re doing together, whether it’s building an app, going on a journey, planning for your future together, or just figuring out who is bringing popcorn to movie night… lists have got you covered.

What are some of your favorite lists that you’ve made with your partner? Tweet or share your favorites with us on Facebook!

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