Couple Story: Ashley + Scott

image For our third Couple Story, we’re handing our blog over to Ashley + Scott, two high school sweethearts who have been together for more than eight years. Separated by their careers and postgraduate studies, they began sending whimsical sketches to one another to make the distance between them more bearable. Many, many thanks go out to Ashley for taking the time to share their dongo-filled Couple Story! Scott and I started dating when we were 17, but that isn’t the beginning of our story. We’ve been together for more than eight years– more than half of that has been long distance!– but we met through playing soccer and taking a few classes together in high school. We were both scrawny and unattractive– I looked like a blonde Side Show Bob from the Simpsons– and Scott free viagra sample pack was incredibly shy. Scott asked me to homecoming our Freshman year, but he barely said a peep while we were at dinner and at the dance! I felt so awkward about the date that I even left the the dance in the middle of the last slow dance. We didn’t speak for 2 years (I kid you not!)… but during our Junior year of high school, a very close friend of mine really wanted to date him. I tried my best to get them together, and it only took me 4 months to figure out that he was really only interested in me. When he finally asked me out, he did so using a huge blue balloon that was about 3 feet in diameter, with a little caricature of his face on the front and his name on the back. Affectionately known as Scott balloon, it remained inflated for about 5 years! After spending a little more than two years together in Oregon, Scott left for design school in California. We ended up in a long distance relationship from Portland to Los Angeles for three out of the four years I was in college. The summer that I graduated ended up being the first time we were in the same state for more than two weeks in over 3 years! That year, Scott got an internship in Chicago for the summer, and we decided to move and intern in there together for a summer. We slept on the hardwood floor of a far too expensive studio in Lakeview for three days. For the rest of our time there, our furniture consisted of a Rent-A-Center bed covered in plastic that creaked while we slept, a cardboard rug named Rug-B (with a bee drawn on it), and a mirror named Mindy. During another internship at a design studio San Francisco, I decided to take a few days and pay Scott a visit. I had been there once as a child, only briefly, but Scott is originally from the Bay Area and he took it upon himself to give me a tour of the city. The best and worst part of the trip involved consuming too much pizza from Boudin Bakery, a sourdough loaf shaped like a turtle, a Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae, daily dose cialis 10mg and lots of little Ghirardelli chocolates. We ate all of that food… and then we went for a walk to see Lombard Street, the windiest street in the world. Needless to say I felt like death trying to walk up the hills of San Francisco and Scott just thought it was the funniest thing ever. (Ed. note: UGH! That hill is the worst!) We came across Couple (back then it was called Pair) last September and we LOVE the drawing features because we can send little sketches to each other. One day, Scott sent me a funny little drawing a pink blobby character, who he named Dongo. In response, I created Donga, and equally weird and scantily clothed pink blob with purple hair. Together, they are known as Dongos, and since then, they Dongos have each gone on crazy misadventures: they have attended the Indy 500, braved rainstorms, watched sunsets, gone clothes shopping for jackets, run viagra free samples away from cops, traveled the world, celebrated numerous holidays, and even made caricatures of some of our favorite people like Shelby from Axemen, Oprah, and the Easter Bunny. Long story short, we send Dongos back and forth to one another to symbolize something on our what is viagra do mind, and they make for hilarious conversation pieces between us and others. For our eighth anniversary, I created a book with all the pictures of Dongo and Donga for him, and he created a poster of all the great sketches of the Dongos we have sent. When it comes to being in a long distance relationship, communication is key! When you cannot see the person you’re with on a regular basis, being able to talk and listen about both exciting and mundane things makes the distance between you feel much smaller. It also gives you a chance to laugh and create your own memories despite the distance. Along the same lines, it is important to make time to talk to one another since most pharmacy abbreviations of a long distance is spent on the phone or on Skype. It is also important to be patient and flexible, because the circumstances that put you in a long distance relationship can last longer than you intend and be more difficult than you anticipate. Scott and I would be in the same city in a heartbeat if it were not for me pursuing a Ph.D. in a city with few/if any job opportunities for him. (If you’re in a long distance relationship and you can be together in the same place, by all means DO IT!) Being patient, flexible, and open make it a lot easier to not get so down about the situation. This post is the third of our Couple Stories, a blog series where Couple users share how they stay connected to the person they love the most. Do you have a Couple story that you’d like to share? Send an email to and your story could be here!

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