Six Lessons from our Favorite Couples

relationship-celebrity-couple-broke-up-thinking-of-you-ecards-someecards Being in a relationship is hard work. For a lot of us, the growing-up process involves figuring out who we are and what we want and need from other people. But we’re not always as finely attuned as what everyone else wants and needs from us. When you’re in a relationship, the process of learning the give-and-take can take some getting used to. In a new romance especially, complications and misunderstandings lurk behind every corner. Meanwhile, even the most seemingly stable long-term relationships can be derailed by complacency and inertia. There’s a reason couples therapy exists: Everyone has to work at keeping their canadian pharmacy hcg partners – and themselves – satisfied. Not ready to head to the shrink? Have no fear: We’ve picked up some tips from our favorite couples – romantic and platonic (by mariana dresshead), romances and bromances – on how to keep your relationship as fresh and drama-free as ever. 1) Kim Kardashian + Kanye West: Make an effort to please your in-laws. levitra cialis viagra comparison If your babymama asks you to go on her mother’s new talk show and reveal to the nation a picture of your adorable newborn spawn, you should do it — even if you think it’s lame and a little cheesy. Sometimes it’s worth it to satisfy the annoying but ultimately harmless requests of your loved one’s parents. It shows your partner you care about them — and their family. Plus, it gives you some mileage to say no down the line if your in-laws request something that’s legitimately unreasonable (in your eyes, anyway). You’re all family now. Make an effort to make it one big happy one. kanye-west-kris-jenner-1   2) Selena Gomez + Taylor Swift: Be supportive in awkward social settings. Sometimes, your loved one will find herself trashing her ex (or frienemy) in a public and slightly inappropriate situation. When this happens, smile and nod supportively without in any way betraying what you really think. (Especially if you’re on national television – because believe us, your loved one will look back on that footage later.) If it feels right — what does the viagra do ie, if you think your

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partner is going to die of shame as a result of having said these things later — you can help divert the conversation to something a little more socially palatable. Or you can simply lend your support with a smile. Sometimes you just have to be there for the person you love, even if they’re acting a little less than gracious. 1377525152_taylor-swift-selena-gomez 3) Jennifer Lawrence + Nicholas Hoult: Take time out for a creative date. Do you ever hear stories about bored-seeming couples with mandated monthly date nights that they don’t really seem to enjoy? Don’t let that become you. Carve some time out of your busy schedule to do something inspired with your partner. Take a cue from Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult, for instance, and go on a romantic picnic. Very little in life is more relaxing than drinking expensive champagne straight out of the bottle while hanging in the park with your lover and reading a book about adolescent death matches. (Ok, maybe Jane Austen would have been slightly more relaxing.) Remember, it’s the little moments of quality time that really remind you why you enjoy being with your loved one. jennifer-lawrence-2-768 4) Matt Damon + Luciana Barroso: Talk nice in public. Want to score some points with your loved one? Try saying nice things about them generic viagra online whenever possible, to whomever will listen. Matt Damon is the king of this: Not only does he compliment wife Luciana Barroso constantly, but he also is very open about his desire to put her (and their kids) before work: In addition to renewing his vows with Barroso, Damon recently turned down an opportunity to direct his film The Promised Land so he could spend more time with his family. matt_damon 5) Blake Lively + Ryan Reynolds: Keep the important things private. In the world of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, it’s increasingly rare for people to keep their personal lives offline and unremarked upon. “Sharing” has become the modus operandi of how we live our lives. But newlyweds Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have so far shied away from the whole publicity thing: Their wedding was intensely private, and Reynolds has spoken about how “words are too clumsy to accurately describe how I feel” about Lively. The two are super protective of their relationship, and they seem to be freezing out any forces (cough, paparazzi) they think might help destroy it. We could all take a lesson from their book, famous or not. images-q=tbn-ANd9GcQve8ilMW68QqwelEY_-PTIVZWmShodrX9VbLtD8KEHr1MU45qY 6) Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson: Get goofy with one another. Sometimes, you just need to blow of some steam and take in a tennis game. Or mud-wrestle on the beach. Or… go skinny cialis vs vardenafil dipping in the Florida coast. You shouldn’t have to do these things alone. One of the best parts about being in a relationship is having the opportunity to spend time with your non-platonic best friend – and to relish the wacky and low-key moments as well as the serious ones. 66951-original No single couple is perfect — but if you take cues from a few people who are doing it right, you’ll at the very best have a couple fun dates, if not a stronger relationship as a whole. Did we miss any couples? Let us know your ideas in the comments!

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