What’s Your Couple Style?

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 6.24.27 PMIn a great relationship, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. When you learn more about yourself, your partner and the way you two complement each other, you can take your relationship to new heights by capitalizing on your strengths. No, you don’t need to join names and declare your couple the next Brangelina. When you’re with the right person, magic happens naturally. The specifics depend on you and your partner. So what’s your couple style? The Power Couple Style: A power couple is a thing. It’s even in Urban Dictionary. And it might just describe you and your partner. Are you both insanely good looking? Do you exude charisma that multiplies when you’re together? Can you make things happen? Seriously. Then, you’re probably a power couple. You’re highly social, usually the center of attention and loving every second of it. More importantly, you really complement each other. From Kim and Kanye to the brash Beckhams, we’ve all seen how high these couples can fly. That’s because they are even better together. Challenge: People in a power couple have strong personalities. When you wield those powers together, you two are unstoppable. Turn them on each other, and your friends may hear the fireworks from miles away. While you won’t always agree, as our friend Dr. Phil says, you might enjoy those fireworks more after you decide if you’d rather be right or happy. Fav Feature: This couple loves their calendar. With so many hi-pri events to choose from, it’s important to book early and make sure that you’re both on the same page. The Communicators Style: Communication is more than key for this kind of couple – it’s your favorite activity. That’s why your relationship is so strong. Your friends are jealous because you two trust each other completely and rarely fight. You know how your partner likes their coffee. You know why they love their job. And you know the name of their first pet. Whether you’re at the grocery store or on vacation, you share everything. Who doesn’t love a great conversation? Challenge: Yes, it’s possible to share too much. Didn’t think that that story about your nephew’s diaper would affect your sex life? Think again. Some things can be left unsaid. Fav Feature: Messaging makes your day brighter. Text, voice and video are all welcome. Sometimes, you just want to hit “thinking of you…” because you know it’ll be appreciated. Passionate People Style: You love your partner, and you let the world know. This kind of couple has a chemistry that frequently sends sparks flying. You hold hands. You cuddle and hug. You’re definitely not shy about slipping your hand in the back pocket of their jeans while you’re walking. And that’s before breakfast…just wait until you get going! You’re both passionate

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in every aspect of your lives, but especially about each other. Challenge: Public Displays of Affection. Also known as PDA. It’s cute until suddenly you’re twerking like Miley Cyrus. Fav Feature: You’re been waiting for a way to show your affection when you’re apart, and now you have the thumb kiss. You can’t help it – it gives you butterflies every time. Super Busy Couple Style: Some couples are always on the go. Between rocking your careers and piling on extracurriculars like a Harvard-bound high schooler, you two are super busy, but it works because you understand each other and value quality time over quantity. Most likely, you’ve got both the latest smartphone, too. Using technology to stay connected makes your relationship work. Challenge: Finding time for each other can be a challenge when you’re a busy bee. Commit to seeing each other regularly and make alone time a priority. After all, some things are better in private… Fav Feature: You’re busy – so busy that your brain is full, so you’ll need lists to get through the day and make sure there’s something in the fridge for date night. However, lists aren’t just limited to grocery items. You can also use them to keep track of all the things you want to do together. Opposites Attract Style: You don’t need to read a comparative analysis about Paula Abdul’s hit song on the Hairpin. Well, you can, but you’re already singing it. You and your other half are just different. But it’s the differences that make your life fun and exciting – you never know what the other person will say or do next. Author Susan Cain highlights the Obamas as a classic example, noting that Barack is widely assumed to be an introvert while his wife Michelle is an extrovert. Look at all that they’ve accomplished while maintaining a healthy relationship! Challenge: Most days, you’ll have to meet in the middle. It can be really frustrating because sometimes you just want your way, darnit, but it’s also one of the most rewarding relationships you’ll ever experience. You’ll get to see the world with different eyes as long as you can keep an open mind, accepting your partner’s needs while understanding your own. Fav Feature: Maybe he likes drawing pictures and you’re sticker-obsessed. You’re opposites, so you’ll probably have drastically different preferences, but what else is new? By using different tools, you’ll get the most out of your couple.

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