Four Ways to Use Couple in Your Daily Life


So you’ve downloaded Couple, paired with your partner, and thumbkissed to your heart’s content. Now what? For those of you settling into digital coupledom for the first time, here are a few tips to help you and your partner build new communication habits with Couple.

1) Communicate in a crunch with “Thinking of yous.”

It’s the middle of the workday, and you’d love nothing more than to sneak away for a few moments to chat with your partner– but there just isn’t enough time to make it happen. Instead of imposing radio silence on your darling the middle of the workday, you can still let your dearest know that he or she is on your mind in three seconds or less by dropping a quick “Thinking of You” to your partner. Protip: Turning on notification previews in your

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app settings will display incoming messages from your partner in your notifications. You won’t even need to open to app to see what your dearest has cialis generic online to say.

2) Use lists to plan ahead with your partner.

Whether you have a date nite itinerary to coordinate, a grocery list to take care of, or a wedding to plan, there are few better ways to keep track of your To Dos with your partner than using “Shared Lists” in Couple. To add a little fun to your shared goals, however, be sure to make a few lists that will allow the two of you to collaborate on ways to enjoy spending your time together. Whether it’s a list of romantic ideas for a weekend away, a Bucket List of things you want to

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do before hitting a major life milestone together, or a list of all the movies you could ever want to watch together, you’ll have a blast crossing off fun action items from a shared to-do list.

Protip: Tapping that little star on a list item will let your partner know that it is one of your favorite things. Some users even take a screenshot female viagra free sample of when a list is complete and upload it to their moments as a way to remember time well spent together.

3) Keep track of your most important moments.

For those moments when words won’t do (a beautiful sunrise in the mountains, a breathtaking sunset on the beach, or

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an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime happenstance you never want to forget) snap a quick photo (or video) to capture the your surroundings to share with your partner. This can work when you’re together– or when you’re apart–

Protip: To add an extra layer of fun to sharing photos with your partner, you can send your partner a self-destructing secrets or fancy up a beautiful image with one of our in-app filters.

4) Say it with a sticker.

Sending that little thought bubble to your dearest isn’t the only way to communicate in a crunch in Couple. If you’re pressed for time, or you just can’t find the words to explain a complex feeling, stickers can help. While our character stickers can express how you’re feeling in just two (or three) taps, we have another set of “Thinking of yous” that will give your partner insight on your day. Want to say good morning, goodnight, or tell her that you love her? There’s a sticker for that.

Protip: Sending that “Hey Beautiful” sticker will literally let her know you think she’s gorgeous. Best notification ever or BEST notification ever?! Are there any Couple features you’ve grown to love with your partner? What are your best tips and tricks for introducing the app to your dearest? Share them in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Four Ways to Use Couple in Your Daily Life

  1. Hey, couple is pretty great..I love the beaver! Are you planning on building in a calendar sync function, so we can use couple with our main/work calendars? Also, it would be great if we could turn our own photos/pictures into custom stickers..either for own use, or perhaps have a place where users can share customised stickers? Thanks!

  2. hey, I use couple for a couple of months now and I think it’s great! but both me and my fiance think that it will be great if you guys would save all the voice memos in one folder just like you save all the photos in moments. Is that an update we see coming in the near future?

      1. Couple is a great app! My boyfriend and I use it mostly to keep ourselves entertained when were working apart. We like the paint scribble function, where we scribble together. Any chance of being able to personalise the chat interface, background pictures and different bubbles. Also, would really like a calendar, rather than important dates, and a reminder setting, where you could remind your partner to pick something up, or would that be too personal?

        1. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to get in touch. We’ll be sure to keep your requests in mind for the future. If you have any issues with the app– or more feedback!– feel free to get in touch with us at!

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