From New York To California: A Guide To Dating In US



America. Home of diversity and the famous “bowl of salad” metaphor. From the mountains in the west to the swamps of the south, the country’s landscape is just as diverse as it’s salad of people. Shall we explore regions in the USA, to peek into how the setting changes by region in dating culture?

The East Coast

New York. The Lights, the City, the frantic pace and equal lack of space. Teeny tiny apartments. It’s no surprise that many New Yorkers spend more time out than in, so of course, this reflects back to their dating lives. The bar dating culture is huge in NY.

Meeting a date for after-work drinks is very common. Besides the bar scene, NY is vibrant with constant stimuli. There are tons of amazing cultural museums, galleries, restaurants and theaters of which to take advantage. In a city where you are constantly meeting new people and engaging in different scenes, it is uncommon to date multiple people at the same time.

The Posh NYC Date Night: A romantic dinner on a rooftop in Manhattan, sipping champagne, admiring the city lights at night.

The West Coast:

How are things on the Left Coast? Outdoorsy. The consensus seems to be that the Californians like to “hang out” outdoors. The best dates in California happen outside. With it’s lush landscape and scenery, it is no surprise; dates involve hiking, wine tasting, and the beach. Dating in California also tends to be more adventurous. Californians also tend to have a more laid back attitude towards dating.

Dating on the Cheap: It is not considered “cheap date” in the negative sense to opt for 3 dollar tacos at a Taqueria, instead of a five star restaurant. Nature is also free. There might be a payment fee for parking, but you get the point. Hiking, Trailing, Mountain Biking ~ all Californian dates that seem grandiose, but cost little to nothing. Unlike their NY counterparts, Californians tend to have more room for get togethers, where people are more likely to meet in a casual setting, like a house party.

Ideal Californian First Dates: A hike by the redwood trees, involving heavy panting and genuine conversations. Wine tasting at one of California’s many vineyards can take the edge off the first date and allow ease of conversation. Cut loose and let the vino flow. If you are lucky enough to live close to a body of water, or a Lake that lights up at night, oreven the beach, a stroll and a good conversation never goes out of fashion.

The Midwest:

As read through the grapevine, if you want that all American, brawny, cornfed, I-can-chop wood-in-my-sleep kind of guy, go to Chicago. The dating scene in Chicago tends to be more traditional and fine dining takes precedence. Though if you are a beer and pizza kind-of-date, Chicago has a lot of that to offer too. Locals rave about the doughiest, cheesiest slices paired with beer from their favorite local pubs.

The Festive Date: Summer is the time for music festivals in Chi-town. With over 10 major music festivals occurring in the city within the span of May through August. Genres range from reggae to indie rock, making for a nice change of pace from your normal musical repertoire. Plus, having similar taste in music makes for a great conversation with a romantic interest.

Dating While Southern:

Etiquette and nice manners seem to be the recurring words in Southern Dating. Southern men are expected to open doors, refer to their date as a lady (but not Ma’am!), pull-out their date’s seat, and pay (or offer to pay) for dinner.  Meanwhile, women are expected to be kind, ladylike and cautious when referring to their man’s mother. In the South, family is just as big as the portion sizes. A note to those who date Southerners – play nice with the family. Good humor and good manners go a long way.

The Intimate Dinner Date: The South is famous for it’s cuisine, and Southerners love nothing more than the opportunity to bond over delicious, delicious food… and bonus points if that food involves a grill. Whether you’re heading out to a local restaurant, or cooking in for the night, there is nothing like cooking together to set the tone of ease and comfort. Common dates also include tailgating with friends during football season, watching your favorite team kickoff on Sunday with friends, or going to a potluck together. A little bit of Southern hospitality goes a long way.

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