Product Updates: A New Look for iOS 7


If you updated Couple this morning, you may have noticed that things are a little bit different around here. That’s because today, we’re launching a redesigned version of the app to be an even more beautiful, intimate place for you to connect with your partner.

As part of the redesign,

  • We’ve flattened a few things within the app by using fewer textures and reflections to complement the bold design changes in iOS 7. Though we’ve changed the design of the app, you will find everything exactly where you left it…. it will just be a little prettier than you remember!

  • Our new Wallet Photo feature keeps your favorite photo of your partner close so that you can look whenever you want. Simply choose a photo– your partner won’t know which image you’ve chosen, and won’t be able to change it– and you’ll be able to see the time in your partner’s time zone, as well as the phone and FaceTime buttons.

  • The side menu, which is home to your settings in the app, has been simplified to make navigating the app a cleaner, faster experience.

When Apple showcased iOS 7 in June, we knew that its polished, flat design would give us an incredible opportunity to create an elegant, beautiful experience for our users. After a few weekends in the office and superhuman levels of caffeine consumption, we’re thrilled to share with you the work from our development and design teams. Upgrade to iOS 7 today– and be sure to download the latest version of Couple!–  to experience the latest and greatest version of the app!

For our Android users: there’s an update that will be making its way to you soon!

About Jessy

Resident dinosaur enthusiast + all things community at Couple. You can find me running the Couple blog as well as our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr accounts. Lover of GIFs, tacos, and sticker-bombing my #hackerboyfriend with Mayhem when he least expects it.

12 thoughts on “Product Updates: A New Look for iOS 7

  1. The update is beautiful! I love the wallet photo feature, so handy. However, it seems like I’m not getting notifications for messages on couple other than messages containing stickers. I was reading reviews on the App Store and it looks like notifications is a problem for many. Just a heads up!

    1. As the update is for iOS 7, it will not roll out to devices using earlier iOS versions. These users will still be able to use Couple, of course, but they will retain the previous design of the app. Hope this helps!

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