Just In Time For #LoveNoteDay: Our Top 3 Favorite Digital Love Notes

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At Couple, we are always looking for an excuse to celebrate love– enabling romantic communication is kind of our thing, after all. So when we found out that Sept. 26 is Love Note Day, we immediately put out a call to our awesome Couple community to create the sweetest Instagram love note in the history of digital romance. (Keep calm, lovers, and carry on with your bad romantic selves– we’ll announce the winners in just a few days!)

Many people still think of a love note as a handwritten letter, possibly with cute doodles scribbled in the margins—you know, the couple’s initials inside a heart pierced with Cupid’s arrow. (It’s OK, we all did that in middle school. Right?) But many couples today opt for digital displays of affection as their love note of choice. Hence our Instagram contest. We’re blown away every day by the creativity and tenderness of couples sharing the love in our app and online. Here are our 3 favorite modern-day twists on the age-old love note:

1) Selfies For Two

Everyone has that friend who posts photos of themselves on Facebook or Instagram eleventy billion times a day, with seemingly no motivation besides fishing for compliments. It’s a simple, self-serving formula: Upload photo of self with new haircut, add a #newdo hashtag, watch the love roll in. “Daaamn girl, you look amazing!” “Lovin’ it!” Et cetera.

Selfies understandably have their fair share of haters—in fact, some researchers say they’re ruining our relationships—but not all selfies are narcissistic. We’ve seen couples in our #lovenoteday challenge use selfies as love notes, communicating affection to one another through a sweet “thinking of you” missive from afar or even a full-blown marriage proposal. These selfies (or couplies if you want to get technical) are public, so there’s an element of “look-at-us-aren’t-we-the-cutest” at play. But they’re also personal, a joint declaration of love via visual means. And then there are the selfies people only share with their partners on Couple. They’re not taken to prove to the world that their relationship exists; they’re part of the relationship itself, an intimate form of communication that’s visceral and instantaneous in a way even the best handwritten note can’t match.

2) Say It With Screenshots

We’re just going to call it right now: screenshots are the new snapshots. That doesn’t mean that people aren’t still taking and sending plenty of photos (see “selfies”). But couples are also taking and sharing screenshots of anything that reminds them of their better half. Some screenshots are very sentimental, but others are downright silly, like screenshots

of vegetable puns. Whether it’s a visual inside joke or a heartfelt text, as we spend more and more time with our loved ones online, screenshots are an increasingly popular and important part of digital romance.

3) Facebook Drive-by Tagging

The greatest digital sin you can commit as a couple is binge-posting on each other’s Facebook Walls until even your best friends banish you from their News Feed. Naturally, there’s a Tumblr dedicated to documenting the worst PDA and TMI communication between couples. (These two are prime offenders. How are they even allowed on the Internet?)

But lovebirds are finding more subtle ways to send their partners “thinking of you” messages. When Couple’s Facebook fans don’t want to hit Share on a post and get all up on their partner’s Wall, we see them do drive-by taggings of their sweetie in the comments. There’s no mushy message, just a name, but it shows up in their partner’s Notifications, letting them know their partner has them on the brain but doesn’t want to subject their 700 friends to sweet nothings. It’s a way of saying, “I saw this and thought of you” without making your Facebook friends unwitting flies on the Wall as your digital lovefest unfolds.

No matter how you choose to show your love, make sure you take time every day to share something sweet with your partner. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s fun and it’s essential to maintaining good communication and keeping the spark alive.

What’s the best love note you’ve ever given or received? Are you a fan of digital love notes, or do you like good ol’ fashioned pen and paper? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments!

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