Do You Speak The Languages of Love?

26.Studying For most people, learning how they prefer to be loved usually stems from a couple of failed relationships, hang-overs and a few tears here and there before reaching certain “epiphanies.” While men may cialis online pharmacy india be from Mars and women from Venus, together we all have to coexist on earth– preferably in harmony!To have viagra buy forum a better shot at mutual respect and relationship nirvana, couples should take time to learn each other’s languages— love languages, that is. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, these are the five languages of love in which couples should aim to be fluent… Words of Affirmation: Remember that old saying, “Do onto others what you want to be done to you,” ? One of the worst assumption that couples make to maintain a healthy relationship is that they default to treating each other the way they prefer to be treated… something that doesn’t always work in keeping both parties happy. Unless you’re dating/married to a clairvoyant mind-reader, however, you have to communicate to emphasize what you prefer your partner to say to you. Sometimes, it takes learning what the other person needs to hear from you to feel loved. Ask your partner the things he/she wished you would say more and vice versa. Some cialis 1/2 life men, for example, like to think after years of dating, that a woman no longer has to be told how beautiful she is. Their reason is, “She knows that I think she is beautiful. I don’t have to say it.” But what if one of these hypothetical men is with a woman who likes to be complimented to feel appreciated by her partner–to know that he still finds her every bit as lovely as when they first met, what happens then? … hurt feelings, that’s what. Sometimes, it is not about physical observance, it is about simply saying “thank you.” The phrase “thank you” shows appreciation for your partners effort and their existence. Acts of Service: Let’s say that your partner has a hobby he enjoys— building birdhouses, something you know nothing about. Though you don’t know the difference between a finishing hammer and a Ball Pein, you do know that it might be a nice gesture to take an afternoon learning the difference, or even hammering in a nail or two to see your boo in action. Yes, everyone has their thing (we’re individuals after all), but imagine watching your loved one’s face as he enthusiastically hammers, nails, glues, sands and constructs to his heart’s content. It makes a million fuzzy bears dance in your heart and you realize why you fell in love with this kookie-bird-house-builder, or whatever your partner’s interest might be. Another benefit to showing through action rather than telling is, the person you love gets to walk around knowing that you care enough to volunteer time out of your comfort zone, because he is truly worth it. Isn’t love grand when everyone feels appreciated? Simple gestures towards your partner like offering to cook dinner, do chores, or run an errand are also important acts of service. Here is something everyone secretly hopes to hear: “No sweetie, you relax, I will do the dishes.” Receiving Gifts: Hands down, the greatest part about giving a gift is seeing the delight on the recipient’s face. Gifts don’t have to be overtly expensive or even material—they just need to be thoughtful. It doesn’t have to take much—a handmade card, a favorite snack, or even a small trinket can make someone feel wonderful. Gifts are even better when they show how well you know and listen to your partner and what makes him or her happy. Getting the aforementioned bird-house-enthusiast a book with tips to gauges the centimeters needed by various species of birds might be a win-win for you both. Quality Time: Spend time with your partner. While that may seem like common sense for couples, the pressures of adulthood (ugh!) and life often steal away our valuable free time. Even when it feels as if there is no time, you can still make quality time to spend with your partner. Your sweetheart is in your life for a reason and if you are not going to enjoy their company, what’s the point of being sweethearts, hmm? Life gets busy—it’s understandable, it happens—but to make the most of your time with your partner, need to take the time to actually have a relationship. Indulge in the activities that you both have in common, the things that brought you guys together in the first place. Be it geeking out over movies, hacking to your heart’s content, or pretending to be contestants on Masterchef, part of being in a couple is having someone to free viagra samples share your life with… take advantage of it. Physical Touch: There is nothing more comforting than reaching over to hold your partner’s hand, at the right time. There is a fast does cialis work reason that gesture is so popular in movies—touch is important because it communicates love on a very primal and basic level. Because of this, mothers are encouraged to touch infants as much as possible, and even as adults, we never quite grow out of the need to be cuddled. It is also the reason people who have been incarcerated feel heightened sensations when they are engaged through touch for the time period immediately after being released. We need touch, it is scientific fact: our bodies become sensual when stimulated by touch. If you’re looking for a simple way to communicate love to your partner… couples viagra or cialis for sale literally shouldn’t keep their hands off each other. Can hurt feelings, broken hearts and breakups be prevented by learning to communicate through these five languages of love? Tell us what you think in the comments!    

5 thoughts on “Do You Speak The Languages of Love?

  1. Wow! I’ve been using this app for quite sometime now and I absolutely love it. My partner and I are currently long distance and it’s the worst, but this app really helps! I just discovered this blog page too and I’ll definitely be tuning into it more often. Thank you!

  2. Great advice! I’m not in a relationship yet, but I’ll definitely be using a few tips from here when I am…

    Particularly liked that bit about spending time doing what your partner loves. I think that’s a great way to remember why you fell in love in the first place.

    Could you give a bit more advice on giving gifts to friends and partners? I’ve always been a bit hesitant and unsure about what sort of gifts I should give. I sometimes overthink gifting. Is it too much? Will he think it’s too expensive? Will she get the wrong idea?

    As a in-my-spare-time blogger, I know how much time and effort it takes to write something as useful as this — so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I promise to use your app when I get in a relationship. (Pity, there isn’t an app for that…)

    1. Giving gifts can be tough, but a good way to never go wrong is to just be thoughtful. Gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive– a small trinket, a handmade card, hand-picked flowers, baked goods (chocolate!!!), or something meaningful to you both is the right way to go.

      A personal (but relevant) example from my own life: my darling and I aren’t the kind to give gifts to each other, but I’ll sneak in an expensive box of chocolates or a symbolic gift to mark something important to him. If nothing else, I do get a smile from him and that’s the most important bit of it there is!

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