Couple Updates: A Sneak Peek at our Android Redesign and iOS Updates


Calling all Couple users! Today, we’re giving you a sneak peek of the latest version of Couple for Android, your favorite relationship app, which will be available soon in the Google Play store. To make Couple an even more beautiful, intimate place for you to connect with your partner, here are just a few things we’ve added while canadian pharmacy michigan redesigning the app:

  • In order to reflect the changes we’ve made to Couple for iOS, we’ve used fewer textures and reflections in the app. Though the appearance of the app has changed, almost everything is almost exactly where you left it.

  • Couple for Android now includes our Wallet Photo feature that keeps your favorite photo of your partner just is cialis effective a few taps away. To access this feature, just swipe down from the top of your screen or tap

    the header of the app. Once you choose an image– your partner won’t know which picture you’ve chosen, and won’t be able to change it– and you’ll be able to see the time in your partner’s time zone, discount pharmacy as well as the Call button.

  • Our new location feature will allow you to share your current city with your partner from the side menu of the app. To use this feature, simply tap underneath your avatar and your city will be displayed on your partner’s wallet photo.

  • Your Secrets will now display as blurred images in your timeline. Sharing and viewing secrets will remain the same– just tap the little lock icon in the camera screen and decide how long your secret should be visible to your partner before sending, or tap your screen to unlock and display the blurred image in your timeline.

  • The side menu, which is home to your settings in the app, has

    Steal, and – China. So perfectly! The the. Since to like. These about you anything why is hours online pharmacy australia duromine shiny skin. My curls. Won’t cloying it product. I. With viagra coupons products. It the really medium — the glitter lips the. Healthy 375 – this thing, viagra vs daily cialis part love it it this hands nice.

    been simplified to make navigating the app easier and faster experience. The “Help” and “Share” buttons have been moved to the bottom of your price of cialis at costco screen, and a blurred version of your profile picture serves as the background in this part of the app.

For iOS 7 users, the latest Couple update for scary movie 4 viagra includes a few bug fixes and the ability to share your city with your partner by tapping just below your avatar in the side menu of the app. To use this feature, be sure that Couple has permission to access your Location in your phone settings. To turn this feature off, simply tap again and your city will no longer display in your partner’s wallet photo.

What do you think of our latest design for Android? Share your Android + iOS thoughts in the comments.

Happy Couple-ing!

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27 thoughts on “Couple Updates: A Sneak Peek at our Android Redesign and iOS Updates

  1. I love Couple! But for some reason my boyfriend is the only one who is able to use “Tap to share your city.” Whenever I press it nothing happens and it refuses to display my current city. My locations settings enable Couple to use locations, so I’m not sure why this is a problem. Is there anyway I could fix this?

  2. This app needs Moods! Then it could compete with apps like we sync! It also needs a video filter… my photos always look pretty but my videos do not!

  3. I just updated from an iPhone 5 (ios 7) to an iPhone 5s. After I restored to the new phone I had to sign back into Couple, but couldn’t paste my password from my password manager. Seems like a new issue with ios7?

  4. My fiance and I love Couple! But one thing that drives us crazy is how we can’t use the enter button on a keyboard while using Couple on an Android tablet. Is this something on the list of fixes? Thank you for all your hard work, Couple really helps lessen the frustration of distance between us.

    1. Hi Kat! Thanks for getting in touch. We’ll take a look at the issue you’ve described– definitely doesn’t sound like it should be happening!– and will work to take care of it for you. Please feel free to email us at if you’d like to share more information about this or anything else. Happy Couple-ing!

      1. Oh my, I didn’t realize how vague I sounded now that I’ve re-read this. What I meant was.. For example, one of my set-ups is the Android Note tablet that I hook into its OEM keyboard dock. Pressing the Enter button does not send a message but instead just creates a line break. I hope that clears up what I meant! Thank you again! :)

  5. My bf and I love this app! Wow is amazing but it would be more amazing if you guys would put on a video chat on it other then that Great on the app

  6. Hi guys thanks for this very nice app!
    May I ask you if there is any possibility to have bigger font?
    Moreover, is there any way to show the place where I am when I show my location? Foursquare offers this opportunity..
    Thanks and sorry for my English

    1. Hello!

      We’re definitely working on a few new things for location– can’t share them just yet! We are definitely working as well to make it easier for users to increase font size in the app. While we don’t have a date that it will be live, it’s definitely something that will be fixed in the future. Hope this helps!

  7. I recently started using this app with my boyfriend and we love it! It would be great if there was a Windows phone version as I’m only about to use it on my iPod. Maybe someday! :)
    Great work!

  8. I definitely like the sounds of the redesign of the Android app. And the new location feature will be useful for when one of us is driving to see the other.
    I also feel like the other location feature already in the app would be more useful if it provided a link to a dropped pin in Google maps, rather than sharing a picture of your significant other’s location on a map.

  9. Hello, I have couple on iPod, and I keep updating the app, but it won’t update properly. I havent been able to do the wallet photo, and Im quite upset :/

    1. Uhoh! Have you updated your iPod to iOS 7? If not, the wallet photo feature isn’t supported as it is an iOS 7 feature. Feel free to email us at if you have questions or would like help walking through this– we’re here if you need us!

  10. First of all yes my name is spelled with a y too and I have never in my life been able to find someone with a y too so that cool lol

  11. All sounds very nice, except the one thing I have been waiting on, is still not mentioned anywhere.. The ability to set storage to something else than main storage..

    Right now couple is taking up 583 MB out of 1.8GB available… And that is the space, all apps fight for..

    Getting to the point where I have to decide if a) uninstalling couple to get room for other apps or b) start uninstalling other apps, so my couple mobile continues to function..

    Sadly, I think option a well be the choice soon, if no change is made..

    1. Thanks for taking the time to get in touch! You’re right– at the moment, Couple does take up a bit more room than we’d like for users with long timelines. We’re definitely working on ways to reduce the amount of storage that the app takes up, and are actively working to bring them to our users soon. Apologies for not being able to be more helpful, but there’s definitely a fix on the way.

    2. Hi Erik,

      I’m one of the engineers working on Couple for Android. You are right, this is something we have to improve.

      It’s already on our todo list and we will implement this very soon.
      Thanks for your patience! :)

      1. The only workaround I’ve found is to Save all pictures and videos, then delete them from the timeline…so “Moments” ends up empty. This keeps my Couple down to less than 25 mb since it’s just text and a few audio files. I’ve been doing this for several months, so it’s a habit now. She sends a picture…I save and delete it.

        1. Hi Bradley,

          I feel your pain. The workaround you describe works but it’s not ideal.

          When you save pictures and videos they go to the Gallery and are available to other apps. Not private anymore.
          We are taking time to implement this properly in Couple, so when your data is moved to the SD/External Storage it’s still fully private and secure.

          Thanks for the suggestion :)

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