Halloween Costumes for Couples, Part 2: Creative Classics


Last week we came up with some pop-culture inspired Halloween costume ideas for couples hoping to coordinate their looks. This week, we’re rounding up some costumes that are less tied to the latest trends. Take a peek at some classic, creative costume ideas for pairs to wear on Halloween.


1. American Gothic

Inspiration: The iconic painting by Grant Wood.


What you need: For him: A pitchfork; a bald cap; round glasses; overalls; a plain white shirt; and a blazer. For her: A high-necked, collared dress; a plain, middle-parted hairstyle. For both: A large, fake, empty frame you can hold up around yourselves


2. Superman and Lois Lane

Inspiration: Metropolis’s most legendary couple.

What you need: For Superman: Blue tights and a blue leotard (sorry, guys!); a red Speedo; red boots; a yellow belt (optional); and some red felt with which to make the Superman chest logo. For Lois Lane: Some business casual clothing; a fake press pass; a notebook and pencil; a spunky attitude.


3. Johnny Castle & Baby


Inspiration: Dirty Dancing’s star-crossed lovers


What you need: For him: Tight-fitting black slacks; a tight black t-shirt; black shoes. For her: A flouncy, light-pink sleeveless dress, falling a little below knee-length; white high heels.


4. Edward Scissorhands and Kim


Inspiration: The tortured lovers featured in Tim Burton’s classic Edward Scissorhands


What you need: For him: An all-black outfit, preferably featuring all sorts of buckles and spikes; black gloves and three enormous scissor-spikes for each hand; wild, black, super-big hair, somewhat fried-looking; white face paint; black face makeup. For her: Formal-ish white dress; long, wispy blonde hair.


5. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf


Inspiration: One of the oldest fairy tales in the books.


What you need: For her: A hooded red cape; a blue dress; a picnic basket. For him: Grandmotherly pajamas; wolf ears; a bonnet; face paint; granny glasses. (Extra points if you give yourself wolf-hands poking out from granny’s PJs.)


6. Alice in wonderland and the Cheshire Cat:

Inspiration: Lewis Carroll’s famed heroine and her creepy cat friend.


What you need: For Alice: A blue dress and a white pinafore; blonde hair; black headband; white tights; black mary-jane shoes. For the Cheshire Cat: Purple and pink striped top and bottom (pajamas might work particularly well); purple or pink cat ears; purple, pink, white, and black face paint (don’t forget to paint on that horrifyingly large grin).


7. Antony and Cleopatra

Inspiration: One of history’s most legendary couples.


What you need: For Cleopatra: Black bob haircut with blunt-cut bangs; an elaborate headpiece (preferably gold and jeweled); thick black eyemakeup; a long gown, preferably Egyptian-inspired; some ornate-looking jewelry; gladiator sandals. For Antony: A tunic, preferably with some sort of Egyptian-inspired ornamental flourish; some gladiator-esque metal wrist bands; gladiator sandals.

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