Halloween Edition: Four (Potential) Horrors of Online Romance


The internet can be great for romance (especially in the case of long-distance relationships). But finding romance online when you’re looking for a relationship is… an imperfect art. Sometimes, you have to endure some truly horrifying experiences to find the diamond (internet companion) in the rough. Just in time for Halloween, here are some very spooky examples of how online romancing can go epically wrong.


1 – On your first IRL date with an online partner, you discover wild inaccuracies in how he or she has presented him or herself to you.

Maybe your date is a little less cute than you had anticipated. No big deal! A slightly more dramatic possibility is that you are getting catfished. Here is a roundup of funny (if not always believable) excuses for ending a date early.


2 – Your kinky online sexting companion turns out to be … a congressman … or a mayor.

Well, for some — cough, Sydney Leathers — this can be a bonus rather than a detractor. And hey, we don’t judge! But not everyone wants their semi-nude pics to end up on the front page of the national tabloids. For some tips on keeping your intimate messages private, check out number six in our guideline to getting over

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your sexting inhibitions.

3- The person with whom you’ve been casually chatting on Ok Cupid gets real creepy — or just relentlessly aggressive — real fast.

Not everyone knows how to take a hint. With online dating, it can be hard to figure out who is skilled in the art of perception and who is totally incapable of reading signals — until it’s too late. Awhile back, BuzzFeed published what has basically come to represent the textbook case of inappropriate post-date texting, but sites like F*** No Ok Cupid have some harrowing examples as well. At the very least, there are some valuable lessons in how not to text.

4- You come across a legitimate predator online.

While the majority of online romance fails tend to be great fodder for

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future storytelling, some are downright scary and awful. (And possibly criminal.) It’s important to be safe in your online adventures. If you’re exploring OK Cupid, there are some predator alert plug-ins you can install to try to keep creeps at bay. You can also buy software aimed at monitoring your online behavior and flagging possibly unsavory characters, or just follow some basic protective guidelines, like these ones.

Be safe and have fun out there!

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