Six #Selfie Tips to Get Your Best Flirt On


The holidays are coming, which means you and your lover have plenty of opportunities to send each other festive, fancy selfies. But looking your best while selfie-snapping is truly an art. Below, we’ve got some tips for mastering it.

1. Use a phone with a dual front-rear camera. Gone are the days when selfies involved blindly aiming the camera at your face and hoping for the best. With dual front-rear camera phones — which describes many if not most phones at this drink and viagra point — you can properly frame your photo while taking it.

2. Find the right look. When sending a selfie to your lover, it’s important to style yourself in a viagra usa way that’s comfortable, sexy, natural, and appropriate — which of course will be different for each person, as people (and couples) express themselves in all kinds of ways. A general piece of advice, though, is to amp up your sexiness a notch without actually changing your style. If you and/or your partner are the modest types, just a touch of additional makeup and/or skin can do the trick.

3. Know your angles. Spend some time experimenting with your cameraphone to find out which angles are most flattering for you. One tip we learned from models is to hold the camera slightly above you and tilt it down at about a 45 degree angle.

4. Good lighting is key. Depending on the tone of your selfie, you either want to find some gorgeous sunlight or some romantic mood lighting. Do not, read do not take a selfie in a bathroom with fluorescent lighting, or against the drab white walls of your bedroom, unless you want to capture the circles

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5. A good filter never hurts.Thanks to apps like Instagram and Snapseed, it’s now relatively easy to spice up an otherwise run-of-the-mill photo. Adding a filter to your selfie can help perfect the tone you’re trying to nail — be it a girl-next-door kind of vibe or the bombshell sexpot look. You can also add your own artistic flourishes to photos with apps like YouDoodle. Protip: Couple also has filters in the camera portion of the app!

6. Don’t overdo the sexyface. We get that this is a selfie intended for your lover, but you want to project the best image of you; not your vision of how you can most look like a Kardashian. Try to achieve an expression that fits your definition of sexy while also being natural to you.

Bonus tip: Get Beyonce to photobomb your selfie, as happened with this lucky fan, and you’ll have the best selfie of all time!


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