12 Couple Stickers for When You’re Sick

Whether you’re suffering from a cold, the flu, the plague, or a Halloween candy overdose, here are a few Couple stickers from our relationship app that will get you through your time of misery this fall.

1) For when you turn green with sickness– not envy!

2) The germs have completely taken over. You’re a walking biohazard.


3) Must. not. scratch ALL the places. Must find chicken noodle soup recipe to pair with itchy, scratchy chicken pox.


4) Medicine = torture. Why does it have to be so icky?!


5) Epic tummy ache in 3… 2… 1…


6) Whatever is about to happen, it isn’t good.

7) The pukes are the absolute worst.


8) No, seriously, the pukes are the absolute worst.


9) BRB, attempting to sleep the sickness off.

10) Didn’t work. Still feeling like the walking dead.


11) Am I going to be forever sick at home?

12) What do real clothes even look like anymore?


About Jessy

Resident dinosaur enthusiast + all things community at Couple. You can find me running the Couple blog as well as our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr accounts. Lover of GIFs, tacos, and sticker-bombing my #hackerboyfriend with Mayhem when he least expects it.

One thought on “12 Couple Stickers for When You’re Sick

  1. Please add a Christmas picture pack, I own all the pacs, love them all, now if you could add more! Holiday Themed would be cool, and maybe a guy like you have the girl, the guy in space suite is Ok, but one more “real” like the girl, I think you guys would sell them!

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