A Sneak Peek: Introducing Couple, the beta web app


After testing out the earliest versions of the newest addition to Couple with our own partners, we couldn’t justify keeping it from you any longer… Today, we’re giving you the opportunity to have early beta access to the most-requested addition to Couple of all time— a web app!

Once you login, here are some of the things you’ll be able to do from the web:

  • Access your Timeline and Moments from your browser. After entering the app, you’ll see a wallet photo that of your partner on the left, and your timeline on the right. For Couple users who switched to a Blackberry or Windows Phone, we’re optimizing the web app to bring it to a mobile browser near you soon!

  • Send and receive messages through the app. If you’re using Couple while working, you can easily hide your partner’s photo by clicking the arrow at the top right of the wallet photo.

  • Share stickers with your sweetheart! In the message bar of the app, clicking on the smiley face next to the “Send” button will open your sticker keyboard.

  • Upload images to your timeline. Starting tomorrow, clicking on the camera icon in the message bar will allow you to send image files to your partner from your desktop. In the future, we’ll work to support uploading multiple file types and formats.

  • OMG, GIF PARTAYYY!! Animated GIFs are supported in your web timeline.

  • View and share links like never

    before. Copy, paste, or click through whatever hyperlinks come your way in the app.

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Because this is a pre-release version of Couple, there may be a few bugs crawling around, and some features will change as we complete the web app. At present, web notifications aren’t quite ready for timeline (they should pop up in a few days!), and your “Secrets” can’t be viewed in the web app.

While the web version of Couple is in beta, we’ll be listening intently to your feedback as we work to make the app accessible from almost any device that has a browser. Tell us know what you love, what you hate, and what you’d like us to add to the web app in the future. Protip: we won’t miss it if you use the #coupleapp hashtag!

Can’t wait to start using Couple on the web? Login here with your username and password, and share the Couple love to get your early access now!


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Resident dinosaur enthusiast + all things community at Couple. You can find me running the Couple blog as well as our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr accounts. Lover of GIFs, tacos, and sticker-bombing my #hackerboyfriend with Mayhem when he least expects it.

116 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek: Introducing Couple, the beta web app

    1. Hiya! Sorry that it didn’t work for you (bad web share, bad!). We’re out of the office today but I’ll send an email with a beta code your way in just a few hours.

      1. Hi! I just tried to use the facebook share button for the beta web app and it didn’t work. Could you please send me one? Thank you!

  1. Hmmm… Tweeted but not had any code yet (does it come via email normally).

    Also, it might be me or does the FB button not work (using Chrome on OSX 10.9).

    Either way, hope I can get access!

    1. The code generates after the share process is complete, however, we’ve found that those using adblock extensions in Chrome prevents the code from generating and may disable the Facebook button as well. No worries– I’ll send one your way in just a moment!

  2. Hi!, I’ve been using the app with my girlfriend for 4 months, we love it. She will be travelling in the next month without her phone, we would like to keep on communicating through couple. Can you please send me two codes? I couldn’t get the codes with the facebook or twitter links! Thank you couple team!

  3. My fiancé and I are in a LDR and we use couple all the time. It totally defeats the purpose of text messaging! We would like to try to beta but I’m having trouble getting a code. Do you think that I could get one?

  4. Hi, I posted on twitter but still did not get a unlock code.
    Could you please provide the unlock code?


  5. hey! my girlfriend and I have been doing an LDR for almost 2 years now and pair/couple has been the biggest help through it all. both of us aren’t using our face books much anymore and we don’t use twitter. could we please get some beta codes any other way? would love to be able to try the beta website

  6. My boyfriend and I have been using Couple for a year and we loveee it, but he is having trouble getting the code for the website, could I get a code for him? :)

  7. Hey! I’m trying to get beta codes for the PC, but the facebook share link isn’t working for me. Also, when I shared on Twitter, I didn’t get a code. Is it possible to get 2 codes sent my way, as that’s what I’m trying to get? Thank you!

  8. Hi, there! My girlfriend is leaving the country for a few months beginning in January, and we were looking for a good way to keep in touch while she’s away and she suggested this app. Problem is, I don’t have a smart phone, so I’ll have to be using my computer. I don’t have a Twitter account, and I’m in the process of phasing out my facebook account – is there any way that I could get hold of an access code for your web beta?

    Thanks so much!

      1. Hey, me and my girlfriend love to use the Couple app to keep up and it would be really awesome to have our messages, moments and notifications synced across the web too!
        The problem is I’m in the process of stopping my usage of facebook and twitter so I was wondering if there’s another way to get a beta code for me and my girlfriend.


  9. when does the regular version come out? my boyfriend and i love the beta app and we use it all the time, but most of the time messages don’t show up on my pc (when it does on my iphone). i love this feature and would love to have this prob fixed!

    1. The web app will be coming out of beta as a full release soon! Could you send our engineers an email at support@couple.me and tell them about the issue. They may need a little bit more information, but it will help us make the app better.

  10. Hi,

    I have two questions:
    1. I don’t have FB and would like to use couple in my computer. How dow I go about getting an access code?
    2. Is the Couple app available on windows smart phones? or only Android and iPhones?


    1. Hello! I have two answers for you :)

      1) I can email you a code right away!
      2) At present, Couple is availible for iOS and Android… but not Windows Phone 8. We’re working to optimize the web app for WP8 users while we pull together our ideas about building a Windows app.

      Hope this helps!

  11. I don’t have Twitter, and the Facebook sharing button isn’t working for me to get an unlock code for my girlfriend and I. Is there anything I can do to get 2 beta codes?

  12. I shared in twitter many times and no unlock code for me, can you help me?
    and I cant find the search bar in the app for ios 7 where it is?? it works on ios 6, thanks !

    1. Sure thing! I’m sending a code your way via e-mail now. In terms of search, it is still present in iOS 6, but we’ve been working on refining and improving it for iOS 7. It will be back soon!

  13. This is such a great idea. Have tried lots of the couple apps but Couple def the best. Will also be fantastic to be able to access the mobile site on my Windows phone. But I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, can I get the code please? Thanks

  14. I was able to log in using a invite code yesterday but now when I try to log in again it’s telling me No invite code. Will I need to get a code every time I want to log in?

  15. Hey! This idea is fantastic and I’m glad this company is expanding for us couples in LDR! :) Only I shared this twice on my twitter (ruskirach) and I’m confused. Would I be getting the code through email or sent to me through twitter? Thanks

  16. Would love to have a pop-up notification when my couple sends me a note. gchat on google chrome does it. if the window is minimized, or you’re looking at something else, a small pop up window will come up with a new note so you know your couple has said something. otherwise, you have to just keep checking the screen to see if they have said anything. but maybe that will pop up on your phone…
    Been waiting for this FOREVER! So excited!!!!!

  17. Will Couples ever be a Chrome extension so we could get desktop notifications while not in a browser? This is a very nice feature and works great with Google Hangouts.

  18. Love this app, so great it’s now available on the internet. I have one idea: a count down feature to the date you will see your partner.. :)

  19. Wow finally! This is great for those without access to an iOS or Android device! Awesome work so far. Looks really great! Can’t wait to see updates added to it!

  20. Hi, I love using couple on iphone and just got access the web-app on Safari.
    There is no link between both of them? ’cause it could be nice to have it. So a conversation start in web-app can be finish in the mobile-app if you’ve got to go afk.

  21. Great !! That’s what I waited for a long time. The only thing missing for me is to view/edit the calendar and the lists. But I believe you’re already working on it right?!


  22. We have been using Couple for a while but one of us has now changed phones (and operating systems). Will there be a Windows Mobile version in the future? If so when would this possibly be launched?

    Thanks for a great app.

    1. At the moment, we’re putting ideas together for a Windows Phone app, but there’s nothing that we can share quite yet. In the mean time, however, we’ll be working to optimize the web app for mobile in order to make this accessible through your phone’s browser. Sorry for not being able to be more helpful here, but WP8 is definitely something we have in mind.

        1. Thanks for the suggestion! We’re not done with the web app– that’s why it’s in beta ;)!– but we’ll see what we can do about throwing a few lists in there.

          1. I agree lists would be great. As much as I like the list feature in couple I would much rather input via desktop.

            Great to finally have a web app in progress

  23. What about the calendar? IS there a plan to view notes in the calendar fullscreen? I think this is the only feature that Avocado has thats better. Everything else is better on couple.

  24. Was waiting for it :D I am excited to use it! It does what I need it to do, send messages on couple from my computer to my boyfriend’s computer or phone. It’s a matter of design now. If you make the window smaller, the wallet photo takes up the same amount of room and the messages get smaller. This isn’t that much of a problem because you can minimize the wallet photo and just use the messaging part itself! Great job :)

  25. Hi, love the app Couple! Great work!
    I was just wondering how can I look for certain old messages on the beta web app, as well as the phone app?

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