Five Thanksgiving Survival Tips for Couples


It’s that time of year once again. The autumnal air smells of pumpkin spice lattes, the grocery stores are lined with Butterball turkeys, and you’re preparing for a long trip home for several days’ worth of eating, drinking, napping, and family time (read: being driven crazy). Just in time for Thanksgiving, here are a few tips to survive the smorgasbord with minimal damage to your relationship — and your dignity.

1 – On meeting the in-laws — and then spending a whole week with them:

So it’s your first Thanksgiving with your partner’s parents? Congratulations! You guys must be pretty serious. Otherwise there is no way you would be subjecting each other to this stressful week of intense family time. cialis daily Before the week begins, warn your partner that you will need to take some periodic “me” time and that you may not be able to participate in every single family activity. Bring a long book. Take some naps. Then, when you engage, really make an effort. It’s the quality that counts with these interactions.

2 – On cooking:

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, we recommend you do everything in your power to minimize the stress of day-of- the-feast cooking. Many dishes can be prepared in advance. Ask your family members to bring dishes, and then put them to work in the kitchen as soon as they arrive. Finally, don’t get over-ambitious with the menu. Despite Thanksgiving’s intense food focus, this holiday is — cheeseball alert! — really about being together. So don’t spend the whole week alone in the kitchen, slaving over some 12-course meal.


3 – On gracefully rooting for the “wrong” team:

Perhaps your partner’s parents will not stop ribbing you for rooting for the wrong football team on this momentous day of football? Try indulging in the friendly rivalry. If your team wins, be a good sport. If your team loses, be a graceful loser. Even if your lover’s family is being totally, 100% obnoxious, take the high road. Football should not be the source of extra tension on a day that’s already an emotional powder-keg.  

4 – On over-eating (and -drinking):

In America, we’re given a free pass for acting like total gluttons on Thanksgiving. But if you viagra non prescription consistently make yourself sick on this holiday and would like to do things canadian pharmacy affiliate program differently, try scaling back on

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the one food or drink item you always regret having binged cialis when to take on. This isn’t so self-sacrificing that you’ll feel like you’re missing out on the holiday, and you’ll probably feel amazing the next day.


5 – On cabin fever:

Even the happiest, most functional families get sick of each viagra for premature ejaculation other occasionally. Luckily, a lot of good movies come out on Thanksgiving. If you need to get away from your family for awhile, or if you need to save your partner from third-degree questioning about your joint procreational future, etc., get your butts to the next showing of the Hunger Games movie. Go for long walks, or take up running. Show your lover around your childhood neighborhood or high school, or browse your cozy local bookstore. In other words: Get out of the house for a bit. It will make a world of difference.

Couples, you are not alone in your struggle to get through this holiday in one piece! What advice would you give to others to help survive this holiday? Share it in the comments!

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