Couple Update: Live Beacon, Venues (with foursquare®!) and Web Release

Today, we’re thrilled to share with you a few new features we’ve been working on since our last app update.  In addition to finishing our web app, which is now a full release (woot!), we’ve completely redesigned our location features to make communicating places to your partner easier and more convenient than ever.

Live Beacon


In this release, we’ve added a location-based feature the is the first of its kind for couples. The new feature, Live Beacon, will allow you to connect with your partner by sharing your location in real-time for up to 30 minutes. For those moments when you’re trying to meet each other on a busy street, or just communicate your progress home during your daily commute, Live Beacon shows exactly where you are (and where you’re going) in just a few taps, even if you minimize the app in iOS or Android.

To use Live Beacon with your partner, all you need to do is open your wallet photo and tap the Live Beacon icon in the lower right hand corner.

  • Tapping the Live Beacon icon will open up small notification that shows you’re sharing your location with your partner.

  • A timer will appear within the Live Beacon to count down how much time is left before the location-sharing session is over.

  • To stop sharing your location with your partner, just tap on the Live Beacon button again from your wallet photo

Live Beacon is an opt in feature, meaning that your live-location will only ever be visible to your partner when you choose to share it from your wallet photo; without your permission, there is no way for your partner to see your current location or turn on this feature . Each time you opt to share your location with your partner, your partner will receive a notification to see your location in his or her wallet photo, and will be invited to share a location from Live Beacon as well.


couple-location-4-mockups (1)In this release, we’ve improved our location capabilities by pulling apart our previous location feature and turning it into Venues. By integrating Venues with foursquare® , we’ve put more information about the world around you at your fingertips, and we’ve made sharing where you are with your partner a quick, simple task. Whether you’re planning a date night, deciding where to meet up on the fly, or sharing your favorite spots with a partner who is far away, foursquare®  listings, photos and ratings will now display within Couple to make it easier than ever.

To use Venues:

  • Tap on the location icon in the middle of the action bar.

  • When Venues opens, you will be able to send your current location, see a list of venues that are around you, or search for a location to send to your partner.

  • As you move around the map, the points of interest will change to show you the most interesting places around the area you’re exploring.

  • You can send your location or a location pin to your partner by tapping the blue bar underneath the map.

  • The search bar for Venues at the top of the screen will return results for locations and categories. Searching for “coffee,” for example, will bring up results with “coffee” in the name and give you the options to browse coffee-related categories within Foursquare.


[Screenshots in gallery– location icon, Venues screen, search query + results, location pin in timeline]

Once in awhile, you may notice slight inaccuracies in the location feature, but these are just small hiccups in mobile location technology. Location will generally be accurate within a few hundred yards, though the map is convinced that our office is located in the center of a busy street instead of on its western side.


Couple for Web

web-messages (1)

After a month of incredible feedback our beta-testers, we’re happy to announce that Couple for Web is complete! Here are a few new things you can do with couple from your desktop:

  • Access your Timeline + Moments from your browser.

  • Send + receive messages, stickers and notifications through the web.

  • Let your partner know they’re on your mind with a “Thinking of you.”

  • Drag and drop files and photos to share them with your partner.

  • Adjust the appearance of the web app for incognito communication during the workday.

  • Customize your web experience with a new Settings menu.

To ensure that Couple is a private, intimate, safe place for you and your partner, Secrets are only visible on a mobile device and not within the web app. Login at to experience Couple for Web with your partner!

Other updates:

In addition to squishing a few bugs and adding performance enhancements to the app, in this release we’ve rearranged two icons in the action bar for iOS users. When you tap the little “+” icon in front of the message bar, you may notice that the video button no longer appears within the first set of icons. In order to make room for Venues, we’ve combined photo and video in our Camera feature. To access your video camera, just tap the camera button and move the toggle in the Camera screen to the right.

How will you use the features from this latest release with your partner? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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Resident dinosaur enthusiast + all things community at Couple. You can find me running the Couple blog as well as our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr accounts. Lover of GIFs, tacos, and sticker-bombing my #hackerboyfriend with Mayhem when he least expects it.

51 thoughts on “Couple Update: Live Beacon, Venues (with foursquare®!) and Web Release

  1. Hi!

    I just downloaded the Couple app a few days ago and absolutely love it. However, I’m having difficulty navigating a few things. I think this might be due to not having updated to ios7 yet, but just making sure:

    1) How can you share music status? I have mine set to ‘on’ and when I’m listening to music how do I know I am sharing? Will I be able to see this anywhere?
    2) I can share my location but not sure if it is a live feed without ios7.

    Thanks for the support!


  2. Hey, I’m Tyler, and my SO and I just started using Couple. I have a Windows Phone, but since Couple isn’t on that, I’ve got to use the web-app. I can’t quite figure out if the web app has the sketch or thumbkiss features, but I’d really like to be able to do this. If it doesn’t currently have this, I guess I’d appreciate it if you guys could get working on this, and if you’re working on a Windows Phone app, I’d appreciate it if you guys could get around to releasing the app.
    Anyways, thank you for making a great app that’s helping me and my favorite lady keep in touch.

  3. Is Venues its own app or is it a newly integrated part of the Couple App? I hope it’s the latter; I hate having to have too many apps on my phone simultaneously.

    1. Venue is part of Couple– to open it up, all you need to do is open the action bar at the bottom of the app (tap the plus sign in front of the message bar), and then select the location button in the middle. You won’t need to have a Foursquare account to use this feature, either, as we pull their mapping data for you. Hope this helps!

  4. Hi,

    I am trying to use the new “Couple for web” and when I log in it says its waiting for my partner to accept my invitation. My partner has already accepted my invitation and we currently use your app for the iPhone. What am I suppose to do to get the “Couplr for web” working?


    1. Hi Kevin,

      So sorry that you’re having this issue– I’ve created a support ticket for you, you’ll be hearing back from one of our engineers soon.


  5. Hi.

    Your application really awesome. At first times there was some bugs and lags. But now really works great. The other chatting applications are like a little matcmaking or dating applications. Me and my wife really like your app cos of isolation from the other people.

    I wonder an issue. You added some features on location share feature. If i share my location or the places, are these informations sharing on foursquare without our permissions? I mean i dont want to share anything on foursquare.

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for getting in touch. When you share your location within the feature in the app, you’re not at all connected to Foursquare (remember, we never ask you to login to Foursquare!), you’re just using the information that their service provides about the locations around you. Hope this helps!


  6. Hey guys! I love the app and the web app is brilliant. My wife and I have been using the app for a while now and have accumulated a lot of “moments” and now it runs slowly because of it. What I’ve been wanting to do is export/download all the moments and then delete all the pictures without having to select them all individually. Any word on an update like that?

    1. Please send an email to– I can send a link to you that will allow you to export your data, but unfortunately there is no “bulk delete” option. I’m happy to suggest a few other things that may work for you, though.

  7. Hello, good morning, afternoon or evening, depending on when it is read:

    My boyfriend and I used this application before but we use whatsapp Couple just found out the we started using it in this application better vision.
    We live beacon that is good but honestly we’d like to see our applications that enable tuvieramos not necessarily make you understand me?
    I wonder where my boyfriend and see their exact location without the need to activate it.

    I hope that possible

    Thank you very much for your attention

  8. The web app is almost perfect.
    Is there any way to switch off emoticons? I want to use normal text like “;p” or “:D” instead of graphic one.
    And there is a little bug. After sending the message, when I push esc, my last message (just sent) appears in text box.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about the bug– which browser are you using? We’re happy to take a look (and to see what we can do about emoticions). The more info you give us, the faster we’re able to fix the problem.

      1. “:o” generates a worried face on the web app which makes no sense.
        Also, is there a place to send bug reports? I have many.

  9. I no longer have an iPhone :( but when I did I used this app with my husband allll the time and I absolutely love it!! I just went to the online page….it sucks. I can’t even log in or create a new account for the matter. I was really hoping I would be able to get the app on my Nokia but it’s not available for Windows phones yet…so I guess I have two questions. Will it ever be available for Windows? And why won’t the online page work?


    1. Hi Aubrey! Thanks for getting in touch. So sorry that you’re having issues with the web app– there is a way to create a new account, and I’m happy to walk you through it. Please send an email to In terms of the Windows Phone, it’s something we’re thinking about but haven’t yet started to work on. We’re working to optimize our web app for mobile browsers like the WP8 browser in the meahtime

  10. Just wondering what version number the most recent release is… I don’t think all of the updates loaded for me because I don’t have the beacon feature.


  11. Hi there,

    My boyfriend and I are new to Couples but we LOVE it so far. With an 8 month old around, we really appreciate how efficiently we can share tasks and keep on top of things with lists, moments, etc. Thanks for the great app!

    We would love it if the Calendar had more features where we can schedule in dates, tasks, etc. Like a Google calendar so we can see which activities we have coming up, in addition to the important dates. Other than this, love the app! Great updates as well :)

  12. Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me. My boyfriend has a iphone 5 and the live beacon isnt working for him? And it doesnt show he needs to update it either. It works on my android phone but he never gets the notification. Can someone help?

  13. The beacon is nice, but please allow us the option to have it report for more than 30 minutes. When one of us is traveling we like to be able to track one another. 30 minutes is a good start, but the option for all day, 12 hours etc should be left up to us.

  14. Love the new update! Me and my wife really appreciate the hard work ‘couple’ team does.
    We had a tiny feature that we would like to have in the ‘calendar’ section. The repetition can be set only ‘yearly’ right now. can you add ‘monthly’ as well? It helps remind each other about the pending bills, etc… now that we are married ;-)

  15. Great app and updates!

    Here are a few suggestions for other improvements (if there is a better place to let tell you guys let me know):


    1. ugh…typos lol

      1) a “journaling” feature….my GF and I want to be able to have journals about specific topics…more than just chats/messaging

      2) i love that the app shows my the music that my GF is listening too….is there a way to allow me to click the song info and then play that song on my phone (assuming that i actually have the music file for it of course)

      3) allow the creation of photo albums within Moments…..being able to send pics is great, but it would be really nice to be able to organize them by trip or date or whatever we want

      4) some ability for the app to “know” that i’m not actively doing anything with it….we leave the apps logged in on our phones but when we are away from the phone for awhile, it still shows “online” if that was the app that we left on the screen. we do see “minimized” when our partner is in a diff app

      just some thoughts…..keep up the great work!!

  16. Thanks for the update and all the hardwork you do!!

    Is there any E.T.A. for Windows Phone? My girlfriend switched from Android to Windows and we wish still use this great app!! :-)

    1. Unfortunately, there is no ETA for a Windows Phone app– at the moment, we are not currently building for WP8 though this may change in the future. We’re working to optimize our web app for mobile browsers, especially WP8, which may help users like your girlfriend in the mean time.

  17. Now that I’ve used the web app for awhile, I have a few thoughts. I really like the web version. I would like to have the lists and dates in the web app version too. I know it’s early for the web version but I thought I’d throw the idea out there. Thanks!

    1. Hi! We’re definitely working on a chat export function– at the moment, we have a very early tool that will allow for users to download their timelines in a simple format.

  18. Live beacon is a great idea. Is it only for ios7 users? I don’t have same interface than the screenshot on my ios6 device, and I can’t find any location button…

    1. You’re right– the live beacon feature and the location update are for the latest version of Couple, which is for iOS 7. In the iOS 6 version, the location button is on the second screen of the action bar, but unfortunately doesn’t feature the same foursquare integration.

  19. Quick question – in the section where you say, “Adjust the appearance of the web app for incognito communication during the workday,” are you referring to the “Privacy” feature for chat opacity in the Settings menu?

    Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something that I could be using!

    Thank you,

    1. Hiya! You’re right– we’re referring to the chat opacity in Settings. Are there other features you’d like to see us add to make the web app a bit more incognito? We’re all ears!

      1. Hi, I love this app, it’s such a lovely way to keep connected with my other half.

        For the web app, I think it would be great if there was a button that changes the screen to possibly a false screen saver and simultaneously notifies the other that the boss has just walked in or something. Just so the other person doesn’t feel like they’re suddenly being ignored!

        I would love also for a photo organiser! Have been using the app for around a year and a half now, so there are a crazy amount of photos, which I would really appreciate being organised in some way (into folders perhaps)!

        Lastly, the app on my phone takes up a lot of memory! Of course, I don’t want to delete anything on the app! I think someone has already mentioned this, but I think it would be great if there was some way of exporting/deleting from the phone messages/photos etc, onto like an external hard drive or something!

        Thank you so much for this great app!
        Your hard work is so appreciated by all us couples!

        1. Thanks for getting in touch! We’re definitely working on ways for the app to take up less memory on your device, and we have a few ideas for photo albums in mind. Love the idea about the fake screensaver! :)

  20. Please add another time frames for live beacons. Sometimes my girlfriend needs more than Half of hour to reach to her destiny. Thanks. Amazing app ever.

    1. I also agree. My boyfriend lives 2 hours from my university, so when we drive back and forth, we rely on the rough city location to tell us how the other’s trip is progressing. I would love to have a longer time frame, especially an all day one, for when he takes business trips.

      We love this app, though! It made it so much easier to maintain a young relationship over a distance.

  21. I seem to be missing something. Neither my Android or Web apps seem to have been updated. I’m in the US. Could that have anything to do with that?

    1. Our Android release should show tomorrow, but refreshing the web app should instantly give you the latest version of web. If nothing changes, please let us know and our engineers will have a look.

      Update: We’ve hit a bump in the road on the way to the Google Play store, meaning that the app won’t be there until early next week. Sorry for the inconvenience– but it’s definitely on the way!

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