Romeo: A Sticker Sneak Peek

11.Cool   If there’s one question that our most ardent sticker fans have consistently asked, it’s this…

“Romeo, Romeo, O wherefore art thou, Romeo?”

viagra generic thailand Today, we’re excited to give you a sneak canadian pharmacy spam virus peek of our most-requested sticker pack– and to share with you genericcialis-onlineed that he’ll be coming generic cialis from canada to a Couple app near you in the New Year! 22.PS3     27.Working   12.WTF viagra online cialis over the counter prescription     Are there any other stickers you’d love to see make it into the cialis 30 canadian pharmacy ephedrine day trial coupon app? number one canadian pharmacy Share them in the comments!

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Resident dinosaur enthusiast + all things community at Couple. You can find me running the Couple blog as well as our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr accounts. Lover of GIFs, tacos, and sticker-bombing my #hackerboyfriend with Mayhem when he least expects it.

27 thoughts on “Romeo: A Sticker Sneak Peek

  1. I would also like to see a Romeo of Color with the same emotions that it seems you are about to release as well as a Gorilla character. I dig the pug, the beaver and the monster, but I want a Gorilla and not a female one. I want a manly looking Gorilla with emotions as well (him in the shower with a shower cap on looking sleepy/grumpy, him with a cup of coffee with blood shot eyes, put him in a shirt and tie holding a brief case, put him in a convertible (you don’t have to show the whole car, just the door where he would be sitting) with his hand on the wheel and some shades on as if he is escaping work for the day, have his back turned and his head looking over his head looking over his shoulder…eyebrow raised… with a tat that says 50shades and his back would be silver (being he is a male, he would be a silver back), have one of him showing his teeth in anger/frustration and him beating his chest, Gorilla with sad eyes saying expressing he is wrong/sorry, Gorilla with a mohawk and a smirk expressing how cool he is, Gorilla scratching his head in confusion (like the pug sticker), Gorilla lifting weights, Gorilla alseep in a recliner with one arm draped over the side…knocked out (just like a guy), Gorilla with a football jersey on and holding up his arms like the field goal was good (watching the game), Gorilla on a treadmill with a headband on running as if he needs to shed some pounds, Gorilla holding a bushel of bananas in one and and eating another banana out of the other hand (representing he’s hungry), Gorilla holding his arms wide open for a hug, Gorilla at the top of the empire state building like in the movie KONG holding no with one arm but pointing to a HEART in the sky with the other (representing love). You see my thought was that you had a juliet and the pug I love (guys are dogs, awesome, I get it), you are bringing on a Romeo, which is great, but the Gorilla can also represent guys as well just like the movie King Kong (now I know you can’t fully make this Gorilla like Kong, that would be a legal thing, I get it, and the building doesn’t have to be the empire state building, but him at the top of a building pointing like described above would be cool) there was a girl (your Juliet) and there was an animal ( animal…Men) hahahaha. Let me know what you think of this idea. I would love your feedback. I have some other ideas for the app as well. I love this app and share it with everyone. I have posted it on my FB and promote it all over. Thanks again for an awesome app! ! !

  2. I’m sitting here, with bags of money in hand (ok, not really bags, but still) waiting to buy these damn stickers. Release it already!!!

  3. Hey, looking forward to this sticker pack, but dude…”wherefore” means “why”, not “where”. You may wanna fix that opening paragraph. In the play, Juliet is asking the question “WHY oh WHY did he have to be a Montague – someone I’m forbidden to be with?”

    1. Thanks for the literary analysis– but it was included as a nod to the many, many users who sent that particular quote our way when requesting the sticker pack.

  4. Yay! My BF has mentioned at least a dozen times that he wished there were guy stickers. How cute are those! I hope you guys add even more expressions for both Romeo & Juliet.

  5. My husband has always wanted a guy version of the stickers. I have the Juliet stickers that I use all the time. We are very excited about this!

  6. Hiya! I suggest for us girls out there a really cute bunny sticker. A lot of chat apps have little animals or something really cute like that! Thanks! <3

  7. That’s so cute! I was always jealous my SO was able to express her emotions with Juliet’s stickers, can’t wait to download these! Thanks guys for the hard work, you’re always making the app better. Merry Christmas!

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