Sweet Relationship Resolutions for 2014



In an unscientific (but sweet!) poll of our Android users, last week we asked, “What are your favorite relationship resolutions for the New Year?” Here are a few of the cutest, funniest and most sincere responses we’ve gotten about your plans for lovin’ in 2014.

Being kind is in the front of your mind…

” Our couple resolution is to not call each other hurtful names. Ever. In any
situation. ;)” — Aleena B.

Making sure to make your long distance relationship better is, too.

Marriage is a top priority for some of you, too!

What are your best relationship resolutions for 2014? Share them in the comments, or with the #coupleapp hashtag and we’ll unlock your favorite sticker pack!


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16 thoughts on “Sweet Relationship Resolutions for 2014

  1. We have a few.
    To try to stop and think how somthing we say or do or how we are acting makes eachother feel.
    To visit eachother more
    To not wait or assume for the other person to initiate somthing or bring somthing up
    To appreciate and cherish the small things
    To insted of getting upset that we can’t see eachother be excited for when we do
    And last but not least thumbkiss everyday we aren’t together :)

  2. My boyfriend and I have set a goal to call each other more and ask each other for advice. We don’t have to deal with things on our own.

  3. Well, Miguel and I have some resolutions. First, we have proposed visit an amusement park, second I want to try parachute jumping, but my boyfriend does not feel like it, but he is willing to come with me and patronize the video. Third, We’ve been together for almost four years and we have very few pictures together, so one of our main purposes is to take lots of photos to create a scrapbook. That’s it.

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