Loveumentary: Marriage is Like an Ultra-Marathon


By: Nate Bagley

Last time you heard from us we were in Los Angeles talking with some of the most in-love couples we could find. After leaving LA, we headed north up Pacific Coast Highway, and wound up about an hour and a half outside San Francisco in a little town called Capitola, California. It was in Capitola that we met Jay and Lara, and our brains and hearts exploded with awesomeness and love. Jay and Lara tadalafil online india are adventurers and memory-makers. Here are some awesome things we learned from them during our visit: Marriage is like an Ultra-marathon

For their 20th anniversary, Jay and Lara decided to run a 120 mile, 6-day endurance race together. The race took them through the back trails of Colorado, and was physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing.

Half way through the race, the distance started to take what happens when females take viagra its toll on their minds and bodies. Lara injured her calf muscle, and for a moment there was doubt regarding whether or not they would have to drop out and walk away from the race they’d trained for over 6 months to complete together.

Lara gritted her online for pharmacy tech teeth and decided to continue. Lara and Jay ended up tying themselves together for the remainder of the race so that if either one of them was feeling

weak or wanted to give up, they could rely on the other person for strength and motivation.

As Lara said, “The run was a metaphor for our relationship. The times I thought we wouldn’t make it. The mountains we’ve scaled. The dogged determination required to fight to pharmacy news online the finish.”

They completed their race together, and to this day it stands as a metaphor for their marriage. Every relationship has hills and valleys. There are obstacles, challenges, and times where you feel you can’t continue on. But, pharmacy online tadalafil if you stay together, you can push, pull, encourage, and even carry each other through the hard moments. As Jay said, “You can’t run 24 miles in a marathon, you have to run 26.2”.

There’s no such thing as an easy marathon, or an easy marriage. But the glory you feel as you catch beautiful vistas at the top of the mountains you climb together is greater than anything you could ever experience.


One of the most difficult phases of can you buy viagra online legally Jay and Lara’s marriage was when they came face-to-face with unemployment… but not the type you’d expect. Jay’s work had taken them across the country to Connecticut.

It was right around this time that Jay and Lara’s two boys entered high school and started to become more independant. Like most teenagers, they didn’t need the help and constant attention of a mother anymore. Without warning, Lara was out of a job. She had worked, and toiled changing diapers, cleaning wounds, organizing a house, and playing chauffeur for over 15 years and suddenly she was no longer needed.

Jay still had his work to give him purpose, but Lara struggled to know what was next for her in her life.

Things got really difficult for the family, but together they rallied. It was hard to see their wife and mother go through such a rough

time. But they came together as a family and pulled through this slump.

It wasn’t long thereafter that the kids went off to college, Jay quit his job, and now he and Lara are traveling the country together, making memories.

There will be times when we lose a sense of purpose in life. There will be times where our world is shattered, or we are thrown a curveball we weren’t expecting. In moments like this, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. But as Lara says, “Marriage is a continual process. It’s a re-commitment to each other. That it requires continual forgiveness, continual self-growth and examination.”

The greatest couples overcome the greatest obstacles. What obstacles have you overcome in your relationships? How does overcoming challenges together help you grow as a couple? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. “Marriage is a continual process. It’s a re-commitment to each other. That it requires continual forgiveness, continual self-growth and examination.” – Concrete Statement.

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