Four Long Distance Valentine’s Date Ideas for Couples



Valentine’s Day– it’s the one day of the year that we get a little extra fancy about saying “I love you” to our special someones. For couples who are apart, however, being surrounded lovers while miles away from each other can make Valentine’s Day feel like the absolute worst. If you’re part of a long distance couple, fear not– here are a few fun ways ways that you can spend Valentine’s Day together even when you’re far apart.

1) Watch a movie together.

If you and your partner enjoy going to the movies when you’re together, you have two different options for making a Valentine’s Day Movie date happen. Before date night, decide on whether you want to watch a film that’s currently in theaters, or see something recently released on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. … or you can both decide on a film to watch that is currently in the theaters at the same time. If you choose to watch a film at home, you can fire up your favorite video chat app and go. If you’re watching the film in the theater, you’ll need to put your device away (boo!), but can plan to call or message each other immediately afterwards and share all of your feels about what you’ve seen with each other the same way you would had you watched the film together.

Bonus points for couples who remember to make time for a little thumbkiss/thumbmakeout session during the film!

2) Cook together.

If there’s one thing couples tend to do together on Valentine’s Day, it’s going out to dinner. If you’re far away from your partner, however, and you want to do something a little more special than ordering takeout (which can also be an excellent date idea!), make plans to cook a meal together. For this date to work, you’ll need to do a little pre-planning by choosing whether you’re cooking, breakfast, lunch or dinner together, and you’ll need to picking a recipe to try in advance in order to have the ingredients you need in hand. After firing up your favorite video chatting app, cook away! You can compare cooking experiences, show off your cooking techniques, compare the final product, and together decide who is the top chef in your relationship. Protip: be careful to protect whatever device you’re using to video chat by not sitting it on the stove or

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3) Make a dessert date.

More than any other holiday, Valentine’s Day is linked with one of the most delicious substances to ever given to humanity: chocolate. If you’re looking for something to enjoy together for the evening, indulge in some fancy chocolates or sweets together. You will need to decide on want to surprise your sweetheart, you can splurge and have something fancy delivered– or make any of these chocolates by hand in advance. For extra enjoyment, we recommend pairing your sweets with a glass of red wine, a whiskey, or champagne. To kick this date up a notch, light a few candles and get comfy on the couch while you’re flirting away.

4) Get creative!

You don’t have to be a DIY type to have fun with arts and crafts– this date night can also be a blast from the past if you want to revisit a few of your favorite childhood activities. To prepare for this date night, you’ll need to first decide what you want to do, and almost anything goes! You can make handmade Valentines for one another, pick out a coloring books and new crayons (seriously kids these days have incredible options), or purchase any craft kit that your hearts desire. If you’re feeling extra sweet, you can exchange what you’ve made via snail mail or when you and your partner see each other again.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to spend time with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, see more of our date night tips here and here. How will you be spending the evening with your sweetie from a distance?

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