10 Best Valentine’s Day Cards for Couples

Whether you’re in the early stages of a new romance, or you’re saying “I love you” to your sweetheart for the millionth time, picking the perfect Valentine’s Day card can easily be one of the most nerve-wracking romantic decisions of the year. To make your Valentine’s Day decisions a little easier, we’ve rounded up the absolute best cards from Hello!Lucky,  our San Francisco neighbors behind the most irresistibly cute and punny cards perfect for couples in any kind of relationship, no matter how close or far away from each other you are.

Spoiler Alert: Leave a comment on this post anytime between February 3rd and February 8th telling us about your favorite Valentine in this post, and you could win it and two Couple tees! Our official contest rules are here.

1) For couples in the first stages of puppy love, there is no cuter way to celebrate your new relationship than by sending this  lil’ Frenchie to your boo.

2) If you haven’t exchanged the all-important “I love you” just yet, but you know that you will soon, there’s this. It’s also appropriate for couples who enjoy a little booty-shaking here and there ;)



3) There couldn’t be a better Valentine for those of us dating a major leadfoot, a speed demon, or someone who knows how to make a pulse go double-time.

4) This cuddly lil’ lemur is perfect for couples who have recently decided to “go steady” or otherwise enter into a newly exclusive relationship.

5) If you’re not quite ready to proclaim undying love just yet, but your feelings for your partner are your absolute favorite force on the planet, there’s really no better way to say it than with science.


6) Elephant smooches are the absolute way to go if you and your sweetheart are the  “Feelings are boring, kissing is awesome,” types among us.

7) Are you in a long distance relationship? Do you sometimes consider circumnavigating the globe for cuddles? If your partner is in charge of the rudder that steers your heart, this card is for you.

8) What does your relationship have in common with peanut butter + jelly,  salt + pepper, and bread + butter? If you answered “We’re a perfect pair!”,  then you, like this adorable bear, may just have a sweet tooth for your honey!


9) True story: there is no sweeter way to declare your love than with candy.

10) If you have the perfect answer to the question, “How deep is your love?” this may just be the card for you.

Which of these cards is your absolute must-have favorite? Tell us in the comments, and if you’re in North America, you could win it and two Couple tees just in time for Valentine’s Day! To win, be sure to check out our contest rules and like both Hello!Lucky and Couple on Facebook!


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205 thoughts on “10 Best Valentine’s Day Cards for Couples

  1. Hi! Do you know if the results will be posted here or in a seperate post/when the results will be announced? Thanks! (P.S. sorry for so many questions recently!)

      1. Oops I think that might be the wrong link, I meant for the Hello!Lucky competition! No worries though, I was just curious! :) Thanks!

  2. My favourite is going to have to be “We Have Chemistry” – in large part because of my boyfriend’s love for the subject! It also totally goes with how cute we can be – we definitely are one if those sickeningly cute couples, including waiting for each other outside of our – you guessed it – chemistry classes!

  3. Definitely number 5! My girlfriend and I meant in our chemistry class my junior year of high school. She was the smart outgoing freshman in the class and I was the quiet one. Little did we know we had HUGE crushes on each other. Now we’ve been dating for 2 years! And are currently in a long distance relationship. She’s in sunny California while I am freezing in Maine. We always joke how we meant because we had “chemistry”.

  4. DEFINITELY #8 – my honey (gittit?) and I have a long-running inside joke about bears. I don’t know what it is…just that we send bear-related things to each other and make bear noises and scratchy paw motions a lot. We’re a mature couple. :)

  5. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love them all! These are too cute! But my favorite is definitely the one that says “I love you like a bear loves honey”! I’m a sucker for cute sayings like that! And my boyfriend and I really are a perfect pair! We were best friends for years before we got together!!

  6. #7 by far. I would be more than lost without him, he is in his final year of college and I have just begun college. It’s hard sometimes because we go to different schools about 3 hour away from each other. We thumb kiss from miles away and we both smile like crazy people. I love him so much

  7. #10 for sure. We got married at age 18. Now 31 years later we are still deeply in love. It amazes me how our love for each other can be deeper every day! Daily we find out new things about each other. I could never love someone as deeply as I love Todd. I would Marry him all over again our love for each other and the family we have raised, and The Grandchildren we are blessed with. It is impossible to find a deeper love!

  8. Absolutely number TEN!! #10.

    I pick number #10 because I love my boyfriend deeply <3 cheesy I know but that's what I feel for him. We have such strong connection. Everything is happier when I'm with him.

  9. My favorite Valentine is definitely #1! Even though my special friend and I are way past the puppy love stage, this card speaks to me in volumes, firstly because my pet name for him is “Frenchie” (because he’s endearingly goofy in the way French Bulldogs are) and secondly because a few months into our relationship, he adopted one (now the third wheel in our relationship)!

  10. #10 would be perfect. My girlfriend is in Florida doing an internship with SeaWorld. I’m in Pennsylvania, 866 miles away (thanks Couples app for the live beacon!). I think she would love that one.

  11. #10 would be perfect. My girlfriend is in Florida doing an internship with SeaWorld. I’m in Pennsylvania, 866 miles away (thanks Couples app for the live beacon!). I think she would love that one.

  12. Haha, I asked my boyfriend to tell me which one he liked best, and on the count of 3 we both said #7!
    We’re on opposite sides of the planet atm, so anything depicting something like that means a lot to us haha

  13. I really like the first one. I love you. You are amaze balls. Lol very colorful and nice lol if I were to see it in stores, I would buy it lol good luck everyone :)

  14. I love number 10. the one with the “How Deep Is Your Love” :). My fiancée and I always say. “We have a kind of love so deep, it would make the oceans jealous” and this just fits the bill :)

  15. Boy! I had to tap and slide like ten times in my mobile to reach the “Leave a Reply” section! XD

    My luck is pretty awful for these contests but anyway I’d like to share my opinion about these valentines:

    All of the cards are pretty original and cute! Most Valentines in my country focuses on popular characters or highly “artistic” images only, they’re good, but they don’t reflect this much cuteness and innocence.

    From all the valentines in this contest, #2: “You Move Me” is my favorite! Music is a very important element in our lifes! :D

    Good Luck Everyone! ;)

  16. I love the “I love you like a bear loves honey” one. Reminds me of my own valentine. Last year he gave me a little bottle of honey with that same quote so giving this card to him would be a great way to celebrate our second valentines day together. I know it will definitely make him smile to see I still remember his clever honey joke ;)

    Ps. Love the app! We’ll never go back to texting haha.

  17. My favorite is #10. My boyfriend and I usually try to mail each other cute cards, particularly ones that reminds one of the other. This is my favorite for a couple of reasons. 1. We truly love each other deeply; and 2. because it reminds me of my boyfriend, who studies fisheries and marine life. It’s the perfect card for him. <3

  18. My favorite is #10, love you deeply! My boyfriend and I are spending our fourth Valentine’s Day together, and this card (and the two shirts) would be perfect!

  19. I love number two because my gf and I are long distance but we love to dance! She does zumba! So anything with music and love put together makes perfect love and makes a perfect couple find what’s true to them. The colors are bright and wonderful and filled with passion of love. Love distance is the sound of music far apart to bring closer in time. Just like the movie august Rush. :)

  20. My favorite is #10 I love you deeply. We have been dating for almost 4 years and I could see myself writing a personalized note inside the card expressing just how deep my love really is. <3

  21. “we have the right chemistry” because it’s so true and it’s such a cute and fun card! Like my goofy and awesome boy!

  22. I really like the ‘you are amazeballs one’, but then realized its not in the running. I love the ‘Id be lost without you’ card. We’ve been together for almost 8 years (this June) but haven’t been able to really b a couple, cuz we’re both in med school. This is perfect for us, bcuz we actually met in college and were from two different parts of the world… And all my college are memories of us being together and finding each other, for who we really are…

    Couple app keeps us together even the wee hours of the nights, during cramming for exams.. with a little thumbkisses that are both romantic and fun to play around with!!
    Thanx so much for an app that keeps us two, remembering the little pleasures in life… :P

  23. My boyfriend is over six feet tall and I clock in at a little over 5″. My nickname for him has been Bear and he calls me honey since we started dating, so seeing the bear & honeypot card is serendipity!

  24. I love the number 7, it’s totally perfect!! We are in a long distance relationship and I created a cute story of us using a boat like metaphor :3

  25. The You Make Me Move & I’d Be Lost
    Without You Are My Top Two. They Are
    All Amazing, But Those Two Stand Out
    & Make Me Think Of My Hubby! :D
    I’d Love To Win The Shirts & To Use
    These Cards :D

  26. My boyfriend and I are definitely the chemistry one :) I actually plan on making him this huge chemistry themed card and a gift that will set off a chemical reaction that will make a giant expanding heart :) He and I met through an advanced Chemistry class in High school two years ago and have been inseparable for a year on Valentines day :)

  27. Well HECK!!! It took me reading through the choices twice before realizing the AMAZEBALLS card wasn’t in the running. Being married for 32 years, a card with the words “amaz(ing)” & “balls” would be my only choice! I think I have full license to think about those words in conjunction with my hubby-love! :)

  28. The cuddly lemur is the best! I made one that said the same thing. Mine had no lemur :( BUT I added a bazillion googley eyes in the envelope! Can’t wait for him to open it lol

  29. #5 I like the chemistry one! when couples have chemistry together is when we know the relationship will last forever! :) my sweetie and I also love puns and there’s nothing like a chemistry pun! (:

  30. Tough choice because the whale card and the bear card are so perfect, but as a science major I’m going to have to go with #5

  31. The very first Valentine I received (from my sixth-grade boyfriend) had a picture of a racecar with the text “You Make My Heart Race.” Because of that, I’ve gotta go with #3.

  32. I couldn’t decide between #7 and #8. They both touch home for me. But I think I have to go with #7 more. Iv been married 3 years and for the past 8 months its been a long distance relationship and he’s my biggest motivation, without a doubt to keep going to a better future. We make the best team together or 4 hours away. Our love has seen darkness and shine, nothing will stop us from say we are 50 years married or more. I would to win a tee shirt, so we can sport our favorite app!. We’ve had this app from the beginning of our long distance relationship and im sad we didnt have it earlier. #genius

  33. I love #8 because bears and honey are perfect together! and because I always call my girlfriend Honey, and she’s the best :).

    love the Couple app! we use it every day!!! college, and 2 (sometimes 4) hours apart – would be a lot tougher without Couple!!!

  34. My favorite would be the Frenchie pup (#1)! I am a huge dog lover and I got my boyfriend to realize how much he loves dogs as well. We actually want either a French or English bulldog in the future. It is absolutely adorable.

  35. I love card number 7! We both go to different colleges and I don’t know where I’d be without his support and love.

  36. Thanks Couple team! The app definitely helped us close the gap of a long distance relationship, 6 months in and 1.5 years to go!

  37. I love number 9, and it’s absolutely perfect because KeriAnn is my KerBear and I am her Honey. What a neat contest. My girlfriend and I live together now, but when we were long-distance, Couple was a crucial tool. Now we just use it because it’s cute. Thanks so much!

  38. Hi Couple! My boyfriend and I loooove your app! He’s in the Army and sometimes the distance gets to us but then we go into thumb kiss and we feel closer! We love the Chemistry card as I am studying to be a Pharmacist!!

  39. 7, because he’s the captain to my ship – and we’ve been in a long distance relationship for 2yrs and nearly 4 months now and still going strong :) I really would be lost without him! He’s the best thing that’s happened to me :)

  40. My vote would have to go to #2.
    First reason would be because me and my boyfriend will have been together for nearly two years this July, only thing is we have lived apart from each other because of distance. I live in Yorkshire and he lives in Scotland. We use the couples app all the time to stay in touch and share photos and let each other know what we are up to.
    The reason I have chose #2 is because I have decided to move my entire life up to Scotland to be with him and this card would be most appropriate :)

  41. I initially loved the motorcycle racer one since my girlfriend recently got a motorscooter, but my favorite for us as a couple would have to be No. 10. Though my girlfriend and I are quickly approaching 8 months together, we have known each other for the past 4+ years (yes I was infatuated with her when I was high school freshman and she was a junior) and through those years of friendship we’ve gone on a lot of adventures together. One of those days was our trip to the aquarium, us and her 8 year old brother. It was a fun day and with both of us being exhausted she leaned against me, back to back. It doesn’t seem like much, but for some reason just leaning like that, watching the sky turn orange made me feel in love. A year later and now we’re together. I know this was such a such a wordy post, but just seeing the card reminded me of that brief moment and how today we always talk about how deep our love has grown and continues to grow!

  42. Number One is my favorite by far!!
    We beat the distance now, but we use Couple all the time :)
    The doggy looks like our little Torti.(whom he ADORES)
    The card would be perfect for him :,)

  43. I really like the Chemistry one!! My girlfriend is a Chemistry major and would absolutely LOVE it!! And we have great chemistry ;)

    1. Hi Rosario! Unfortunately, this contest is only available to residents of the US. You can always make your boyfriend enter and win the spoils for you. ;)

  44. “I’d be lost without you!”
    Mark and I have been in a long distance relationship for almost three years but I feel like he’s with me every day. Thanks to sending little cards like these and using Couple, we’ve been able to keep our connection no matter how many miles apart we are.

  45. Number 7 is my favorite. My girlfriend may only be two hours away but even just that distance is murderous. Plus I tell her all the time that I’d be lost without her or that I don’t know what I’d do without her.

  46. I really love number 7, I’m currently in a LDR, with me in Arizona and my SO in the UK. We’re going to be finally closing the gap this year! :-D This card is so perfect. I can trully say with all my heart I would be lost without him.

  47. These are all so cute! My boyfriend and I love Couple, especially since we go to college in different cities (but the same state). Personally, I love #2 and #6! 6 because I LOVE elephants and he always gives me little elephant things to add to my collection (yup, I’m that girl). But for us as a couple I love #2. Music has always played a huge role in our relationship. We met through a city choir (we actually officially met on choir tour in Russia!) and ever since we started dating 5 years ago, singing and music in general has been something that means a lot to us both. We love doing music-related things together from choir, watching musicals, going to the occasional performance and just singing while cooking or driving! The second I saw that card it reminded me of all the fun we had in choir (which was quite some time ago!). Thanks for the walk down memory lane :)

  48. The long distance card is my favorite and I would love to get one along with the two couple shirts so I can send my man a card and shirt since hes just moving away.

    I honestly love this app! It makes me feel like my and my boyfriend of over 6 years are so close even when I’m away at school. He just got a promotion to move away and I’m still in school so I’m hoping that couple makes us feel close like it does when he’s only a hour away!

    Thank you Couple and Hello! Lucky!

  49. I love the science card. I am a science major and my girlfriend loves that about me so I think it’d be the perfect card for her!

  50. We love couple, my boyfriend and I have been together almost 2 years and using couple for the last 6-8 months. He is enlisting in the navy soon but I’m still not done with college so it will be a while before we are able to be close to each other again which will make couple even more useful. We are currently always adding to lists we have made of what to do with each other and where we want to go together so I think card # 7 is my favorite because it is like a promise to each other of how we will travel the world together one day, and his military service until my graduation is just a bump in the road of our plans.

  51. Being the science nerd that I am im sure my baby would love getting the chemistry card. It looks great and cute!

    1. Hi Emma,

      Unfortunately, the contest is only open to residents of North America… meaning you’ll have to make him enter the contest and give you the prize. ;)


  52. I took a picture of my fiance and I and the beginning of our relationship and put it in a card with the caption saying that I could not have pictured a better person to spend my life with and that I knew I wanted that when the picture was taken.

  53. The elephants kissing are adorable! My bf is current in South Africa, and we’re planning a safari to see some elephants later this year. It would be perfect!

  54. #8 & # 1 are my favorites. Very cute! We love using Couple! It keeps us close and it’s nice to have a private little bubble just for us. The stickers are great, and I love the Thumbkiss feature! Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

  55. Number 7 is easily my favorite. My boyfriend and I both love the sea and love to travel. We’re the kind of people that get wanderlust every few years and need to go somewhere new. This card is like a sweet reminder that, though we may set out to see the many wonders of the world, without one another, our travels would not nearly as fulfilling. There’s a big difference looking at, say, the Eiffel Tower alone, versus with someone you can share the experience with. For me, this is what this card embodies.

  56. I absolutely adore “Elephant Smooches.” As an aspiring graphic designer and typography design artist, this is just the perfect little mix of whimsical fun and my passions…I know my boyfriend would get a laugh out of me incorporating my nerd-oddities with his Valentine’s Day card.

  57. I LOOOOOVVVEE the one which has the globe on and says I’d be lost without you. Even though many couples who are using the app are so far away from each other we still couldn’t live without the other one. The best bit is now our long distance relationships are made so much easier by couple.

  58. #7 “I’d be lost without you”
    Thank you Couple! This app is awesome!!
    I’ve been in a long distance relationship since 2 and half years now. He’s in Ireland and I’m in U.S. I had never imagined how I could ever love someone so much even without having any physical contact just yet, just with texts, calls, skype, & the best part – Couple! His heart stole away all the love from me & I’m his forever! ♥♥

  59. I love #10!!…I would love to send that to my lover that’s across America that I love very much <3 J.V <3….Couple app keeps us as close as we can get<3 all it needs is webcam chat then it'll be perfect :) other than that I love the app! :)

  60. I just love number 5! I call my boyfriend “my absentminded mad scientist” so that fits just perfectly! I wish we could be together for Valentines Day… But at least with the Couple app we can stay in touch. :)

  61. #5 is the perfect card for us. When we first met I was in senior year of high school and he had just graduated, we became best friends almost instantly, and we use to try and talk throughout the day when I was in class. he always use to call me a nerd for doing chemistry and needing glasses. I liked it that he called me his “little nerd” because at least he was saying I was his. After being best friends for 3 months, and speaking every day whenever we got the chance, he finally told me how he felt about me and that he did in fact want me to be his girl. We have been together ever since, one and a half years on and we are still best friends and more in love than we have ever been. The couple app has helped to strengthen our relationship by allowing us a private timeline to share everything together, happy snaps, music, dates and everything in between :)

  62. My favorite card is #7. This is my favorite card because I’m actually in a long distance relationship and I don’t know where I’d be without the help and support of my boyfriend

  63. Seven for me. Not only are we an LDR but even the words are something we say to each other a lot. So it’d be especially personal if I used that card. Plus we’re always talking about how useful Couple is!

  64. Number 7 is definitely my favorite~
    I’m in NC and my boy is in WI, we can’t be together for Valentine’s day this year but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to celebrate ~ :)

  65. I love number 3 because my fiance rides a motorcycle and it reminds me of our first few dates how he would pick me up in his motorcycle and we would ride at night going nowhere.

  66. My favorite is the “Faithfull Yours” because I absolutely love my fiancé and I absolutely love frenchie’s!! Teo of my favorite things ❤️❤️

  67. 5 is so much fun! After two years of dating and almost a year of being long distance, it’s cute, fun cards and gifts that keeps things exciting between us! We’re always looking forward to the next surprise in the mail!

  68. I love number 7! My boyfriend and I live 4,500 miles apart right now, but he still anchors me and I’d be lost without him! What a cute way to tell someone that they are still guiding you, even from far away!

  69. #8, because I call my boyfriend “papa bear” which came from a dream he had before we even met in person for the first time.

  70. I love #7 because it totally depicts what a long distance relationship is! It reminds me of the lyric “while I’m out chasing my own dreams, sailing around the world, please know that I’m yours to keep” so true!

  71. “I love you deeply” is my favorite. So adorable! In 7 months I will be walking down the isle with the love of my life. No better way to tell him I love him then with this card.

    1. I just went back to look at them and I LOVE elephant smooches. We both are photographers that want to travel to India one day. So cute!

  72. I’m totally suppressing the urge to spam this post with comments stating my opinions on each and every card just to make sure I win a Couple Shirt.
    This is such a good post to host that kind of a promotion for.

  73. I find it funny how the person I love and I are both ready to marry each other, yet my favorite card is #5, the “not quite ready to proclaim undying love just yet”. :D
    I just really love that globalized feeling it has, showing all sorts of couples being cute at once.

  74. #6 and #8 are my favorites! And the first one that doesn’t have a number “I love you because you’re amazeballs”… Lol

  75. These are all so cute! But I’d be lost without my love and US Navy sailor. #7 is definitely my favorite. Couple keeps us more connected than ever. We first started thumb kissing when I started college (we’re highschool sweethearts), and now with even more long distance with my boyfriend in the navy it’s been a tough year. This will be the first year we aren’t together for Valentines day. But I’d travel half the world to be with him any day if I could. This card is perfect for my long distance sailor and I. ;)

  76. #7!!!
    My husband and I started dating in college. When we graduated I became Active Duty Military and he got an AMAZEBALLS job offer out in DC. We didnt know if long distance would work, but we tried anyway. After both of us getting physically sick at the thought of not having the other during our perspective moves, we decided we were going to make it work. 3 months later in July 2012 he asked me to marry him while I was visiting him in DC. We were married in May 2013. We have maintained our ldr due to the contract on his job and my being stationed in Georgia and get to visit eachother every 2 months or so. Couple has truly been so perfect for us. Thumbkisses are so delightful just before closing your eyes at night :) Hopefully my handsome hubs and I will officially be ROOMIES within the next year at the end of his contract. We actually get to spend Vday together this year :) Distance sucks, but its 100% worth it <3

  77. This was a hard choice because they are all absolutely colorfully creative and adorable, but to send to my lover I would choose “love you deeply” because my love for him is as deep as the ocean :) hope to win so I can surprise him with a card I know he will love and cherish this valentines day :) he is not only my love but the father of my children. <3 we do not live together just yet and it is hard to get through the weekdays without him. 3 years is a long time but we finally have saved up enough to go apartment hunting once the weather warms up and I am just so excited to start this next chapter of our lives and live together as a family. I would love to make this valentines day extra special for him, because he makes every day every moment so special for me and our little girls.

  78. I really like the 7. “long distance relationship” one. My boyfriend and I have been using this couple APP for 1 1/2 years and it’s really benefited our relationship. He lives in London, Ontario and I live in Toronto Ontario so we don’t see each other as often as we like. But this App helps make up for it. This summer he will be moving to Florida for work and I’ll be stuck here finishing school. So this will be the last Valentines day in a long time we’ll be able to spend together, we really need a special one! Thanks couple!

    But I also love 10. “i love you deeply” Because it is so cute!

  79. I would love to win the couple t-shirts for me and my boyfriend of 3 years. He’s in the US Navy and when we discovered couple it was like a dream come true communication wise! My favorite feature is thumbkiss

  80. I think the whale one is the absolute cutest! however the long distance one is most relevant to me (: we’ve been doing long distance for nearly 7 months now and its the hardest thing we’ve ever had to go through.. but we’ll hopefully be together soon (: when I go up to college we’ll be moving in together(: couples tees would be so cute to wear together <3

  81. The chemistry card is my favorite too! I love the bright colors and whimsical characters on all of the cards though, good work!

  82. The long distance card is by far my favorite and also the most relevant to me. I’m moving 1,000 miles next month to finally be with my love, and I cannot wait! I wish I could spend Valentine’s Day with him like I did last year, but just knowing we will be living together soon makes it much easier to bear.

  83. The “I love you deeply” whale card is perfect! Through one inside joke or another, he and I have developed a thing for whales (you guys understand the having “things” no one else gets, and even you aren’t sure how they became a thing anymore!)

  84. I’d Be Lost Without You!

    I’m in San Francisco but Amy lives in DC, but regularly travels around the world. She’s in Saudi Arabia for two weeks and we just thumbkissed literally half a world away!

  85. #7 “I’d be lost without you”
    We have been in a long distance relationship for two and a half years (of our 5 years altogether) and we still have another year and a half long distance until we graduate college. Even though we are physically apart, we guide each other every day. And traveling is an inherent part of our ldr!
    We absolutely love using Couple; we message and send pictures all day every day and it really helps us feel closer. Thank you Couple!

  86. We Have The Right Chemistry!

    Our phones would auto-correct the word “soulmate” to “sulfate” so much that now we call each other sulfates lol

    We love your app! Can’t wait to get the Romeo stickers :)

  87. My favorite valentine is #10 “I love you deeply!” I like this one because I’m from the east coast and the ocean is really important to me and my boo, and I love him deeply! :)

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