Win a Date Night from Couple + the new film Endless Love!

When it comes to relationships, there are two important things couples hold dear: date nights, and all of the memories they create with each other. In honor of Valentine’s Day, and the release of a date-night approved new romantic drama Endless Love, we’re partnering with Universal Pictures in an #EndlessLoveNote challenge to give 5 couples the chance to win a $25 Fandango gift card for two movie tickets and a $200 gift card for dinner for two!

From today until February 14th, we want to see how you define your endless love viagra for heart failure with your sweetheart on Instagram and cialis vs viagra Twitter! Each image you share

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using our Endless Love camera filter is an entry into the contest as long as you follow the contest rules below!

  • From today to February 14th, share a photo using our “Endless Love” filter to Twitter or Instagram using the text from the app, or by creating your own using the #EndlessLoveNote and #CoupleApp

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  • Each photo that you share from the app with the “Endless Love” filter will act as an entry into the contest as long as it includes the viagra free samples #EndlessLoveNote and #CoupleApp hashtags.

  • At the end of the contest, five winners will be chosen at random to receive a Fandango gift card for two movie tickets and a $200 American Express gift card for a dinner for two.

  • Be sure to check out the contest rules here to make sure that your entry will be accepted!

  • This contest is only open to residents of the United States.

Are you ready to take the Endless Love Note challenge? Tell us where you would take your sweetheart for a romantic dinner cialis efek samping in the comments!

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Resident dinosaur enthusiast + all things community at Couple. You can find me running the Couple blog as well as our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr accounts. Lover of GIFs, tacos, and sticker-bombing my #hackerboyfriend with Mayhem when he least expects it.

38 thoughts on “Win a Date Night from Couple + the new film Endless Love!

  1. My boyfriend and I are new to couple but so far Its great!! I would take my guy to benihana or the keg!! Thanks couple!

  2. My boyfriend and I searched through all of our Couple’s moments and found/posted 40+ amazing photos. We are now anxious to see which couples won the contest. When will the winners be announced?

    1. Hi Nia!

      Apologies for the delayed response– as Endless Love was responsible for choosing the winners, we had to wait to make sure that they were all contacted, notified and that they were able to verify that they met the requirements for the contest rules. We’ll be putting up a post to close the contest later today.


  3. Entered something in our contest! My girlfriend and I haven’t even met yet, we’ve been a long distant relationship and plan on closing the distance soon, this prize would have been super ideal though :)

        1. Hi Nia!

          Apologies for the delayed response– as Endless Love was responsible for choosing the winners, we had to wait to make sure that they were all contacted, notified and that they were able to verify that they met the requirements for the contest rules. We’ll be putting up a post to close the contest later today.


  4. If I won the endless love contest I would like to take my hunny to eat somewhere in Times Square ;)

    I absolutely love this app, been using it for a while now,…it makes talking to the boyfriend easier and a whole lot more entertaining with the stickers

  5. I tried to share a pic through couple, using the twitter share button, it hasn’t shown up so I tried sending it a few more times to see if it would take (sorry for the multi posts if they do eventually go through) I ended up using the hash tags and posting it directly to twitter it’s showing up now. Also, its not sharing any of my moments I try to share through couple via twitter :-\

  6. My husband and I have been together 11 years and have 3 amazing children, 2 boys and 1 girl. This past year, 2013 wasn’t the easiest for us. We separated many times, but found a reason to come back to each other. We came across this #CoupleApp and decided to give it a shot and try to rekindle our love. It’s been fun bringing the spark back to our relationship, and things are looking better for our family. I believe we are falling back in love and this app has helped tremendously. We are young parents & could use this time alone, please pick us!!

  7. This is awesome! My boyfriend and I have been together since freshman year of high school even though we love six hours away in different states we remain best friends and the couple app has a lot to do with that! So thank you!

      1. How do we know if we are selected to win? I love the couple app, me and my boyfriend use it everyday and always have so much fun

  8. This contest is great my husband is in the military and we really do have endless love! This will be our first valentine’s day in two years being able to spend the time together is truly a blessing.

  9. I’m super excited about this endless love challenge! I use the couple app with my boyfriend and we love it! I hate when were apart but the app makes it so much better to know that we are still able to do thumb kisses, take pictures, have all of our moments with the app saved, and also be able to both access the lists we make. I would love to be able to win this and go out for valentines day. Our date night out for valentines would be going to see ride along in the movie theatre and going out to Ruth’s Chris Steak House because he loves steak. I hope we win :) good luck everybody.

  10. This is such an amazing thing! When I heard about it I thought it was so cool and I posted a picture of me and my girlfriend! We love the couple app, especially the thumb kisses! We aren’t that far away but it’s super cute knowing she’s there. I would loveeee to win this! :)

  11. I am so excited about this contest! My man and I have been together nearly a year now and have been using the Couple app ever since I moved to Florida from Indiana shortly after we started dating. The app really helps us keep our relationship alive and fun! We have been able to visit each other a few times, but most of the time we are coming up with creative ways to have long distance dates through FaceTime and thumb kissing on Couple. I will not be able to see him again until May and I would love nothing more to win this contest to be able to have a fun and romantic date night after having been apart for over 4 months! When we see each other we will celebrate our birthdays, our 1 year anniversary, and Valentines day all rolled into one, so it has to be incredible!!! Please help our dream come true!! I have posted entries from @ktdayne on Twitter and Instagram! Hope you like them!

  12. Thank you for this contest. It is a great idea. My husband and I will be having our 1st anniversary on the 16th of February, though we’ve dated for over 10yrs. We didn’t have a “real” honeymoon due to lack of funds and time off but we are making it up this year. If we were to win, I’d love to go sightseeing around our state with him, as it would be a first for us. So far the Couple app has been an awesome and intimate way to communicate with him, and if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have it. ;) Well, Good luck to every couple that enters and have a beautiful Valentine’s Day with the ones you love.

  13. Me and my boyfriend absolutely love EVERYTHING on this app! If we won this event, we would go to the melting pot (:

  14. I would love to win this! My boyfriend and I are in a long distance realtionship, we live 2 hours away from each other. Soon, I’ll be living 20+ hours because I’m moving to Washington. We plan on finishing highschool and moving in together. This is our chance to be together and have a wonderful valentines day, considering that we’re both flat broke. I LOVE this app and I really hope I won the contest!

  15. Still new to the app, me and my girlfriend really enjoy the thought of having this app and connected account with eachother. (Cheesy, but I love it)
    I would take her to a surprise luxurious restaraunt I went to when I was a child. She would absolutely love it. Along with seeing Endless Love, it would by far, be one of the best valentines days ever experienced. :)

  16. I was so excited to hear about this contest, even though my girlfriend lives in Australia. I just wish she could come to the states so we could be with each other in person for a few weeks. I would give anything to see her.

  17. My wife and I love using this app and it was the exact reason to why we choose out iPhones. We communicate throughout each day when we was engaged, using the stickers to acknowledge when we were awaken and asking how each other was doing. The stickers also put a smile on her face and including myself and this app kept us content throughout the day when we were distant, working and not to mention sleeping in our separate living areas. I wanted to spice up the way we communicated and associate a lot of things that we would like to do and plan together accordingly. Even the thumbkiss was the best feature so we feel the other was there and send them a kiss. I must say I am very impressed with the app and I’m glad my wife loves it too. We used it to connect throughout our relationship and it’s helped bring us even closer and I love everything that this app provides. From mr and mrs Bethea we say we

  18. My girlfriend & I love using this app. We have had a lot of good laughs & smiles because of it. We have been together for nearly a year. We are a long distance couple but are soon to change that. I would really like to take her out to dinner & a movie as a post-poned anniversary / valentines day date. I’m excited to enter this contest for sure. It gives me the opportunity to do that much more for her when we can finally be together. She deserves the best. <3 I am unaware where I would take her due to the distance & because I don't know the area of where she lives very well well. It would be more spontaneous than anything. (:

  19. Since my boyfriend is French and he love southern American food I would take him to the Crocker spot in Richmond Virginia or Cracker Barrel, he loves it. :) I hope we win he will come back to the states for our anniversary.

  20. I love my CESSY very much ! Even if I’m in CN , and my gf is in PH now. I still love her. I know it’s a long distance relationship between us. I want to make her happy even if her always makes me be jealous! I know both of us can’t join this contest however I still want to describe my thought because I haven’t told her that she made me sad today.

  21. Omg I am so excited! I already posted a picture of us. I hope I win so he doesn’t have to spend anything for Valentine’s since already spent too much for my upcoming birthday. Anyways, I would like to take him to the movies and watch Ride Along then eat dinner at Elephant Bar. That’s what I planned for now <3 thanks for updating this app! I love it so much. We have a lot of good memories here. :*

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