Couple Update: Free Stickers, Share your Moments + Sketches, Badge Notifications for Lists + Calendar Alerts, and What’s New

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Today, we’re proud to launch a new Couple feature that will allow you to share your favorite images from within Couple more quickly and conveniently than ever. After seeing thousands upon thousands of couples share their most loving moments and most intricate sketches with others on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we’ve added the ability to send your favorite moments and sketches from Couple to your favorite social network in just a few taps.

To celebrate this latest release, we’re giving an early Valentine’s Day gift to our users– we’re unlocking one sticker pack of cialis 2.5 mg price your choice (read: FREE STICKERS for all– and yes, that includes Romeo!) for every image you share for a limited time this month. To unlock your stickers, you can share moments from two different places within Couple: directly from your timeline, or from your Moments in the side menu of the app. As always, your Secrets will be safe in Couple, and cannot be posted to any social media networks from inside of the app.

viagra or cialis which is safer To share a moment from the app:

  • Tap the small arrow on the bottom right corner of an image in your timeline, or tap and hold an image. (If you want to share an image from your Moments, you will need to open it and tap on the arrow on the bottom left.)



  • Once you tap the arrow, an Export screen will pop up in the app.


  • In the Export screen, select the social network to which you want to post in image. If this is the first time you are sharing an image to Facebook or Twitter, Couple will request permissions to post to your timeline. Selecting “Skip” will prevent you from being able to post an image to the chosen network.

  • After you’ve selected a social network, a screen that allows you to add a text or caption to post with your image will appear. Here, you can add a quick note or favorite hashtag to the moment you’re sharing. (Ed. note: We highly recommend using the #CoupleApp hashtag– you never know when we’re giving away Couple tees to our favorites!)

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    share your image, tap “Post” in the bottom right hand corner of the box. If you’ve changed your mind about posting, you can cancel the post by tapping the X in the upper right hand corner.

At present, only one image at a time can be online cialis usa shared from your Timeline or Moments at a time. This feature is only available for iOS and Android users from the mobile app, and Secrets cannot be shared from within the app to a social network. In addition to allowing you to quickly share photos and sketches from your timeline, the “Export” menu will allow you to save or delete images from the app as usual, or select an image to be used as a Profile or Wallet Photo.

Other features

In this release, we’ve added two smaller features that will keep you connected to new happenings in the app.

  • Our new notification feature won’t let you miss a Calendar or List update ever again. When your partner has updated or added something new to your shared Lists and Calendar, canadian drug pharmacy it appears as a badge to let you know there’s something new going on.
  • The “What’s New” section of the app is a convenient place to keep up with new additions to Couple. To learn genericviagra4u-totreat more about how to use Couple, open the side menu of the app and tap “What’s New” at the bottom. This section of the app will be regularly updated with everything you need to know about your favorite app. ;)

To share your favorite moments, unlock ALL of our stickers, and stay up to date on your Calendars + Lists, be sure to update to the latest version of Couple. Couples, which of your moments are you most excited to share? Which sticker pack will you unlock first? Tell us in the comments!

About Jessy

Resident dinosaur enthusiast + all things community at Couple. You can find me running the Couple blog as well as our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr accounts. Lover of GIFs, tacos, and sticker-bombing my #hackerboyfriend with Mayhem when he least expects it.

59 thoughts on “Couple Update: Free Stickers, Share your Moments + Sketches, Badge Notifications for Lists + Calendar Alerts, and What’s New

  1. hi i have unlocked all the stickers but i cant use them as for my partner he can! i did log out and download the app again but still wont work. my sticker board is stuck therefore can you please help?:'(

  2. I love the free stickers they are a very nice gift, thank you so much for them. My boyfriend and I have been using them a lot since we unlocked them. We love this app. He is very forgetful so the calendar and list and have us a lot. My request is for the next updates the we can have new alert tones? That would be awesome! Again thanks for the gifts and this amazing app!

  3. These icons look really out of place on Android since. Any chance of following Android design language? A holo couple’s app would be great.

    Easy step: transparent navigation bar would look so good with the wallet photo.

    1. Hi!

      Make sure that your partner is using the most up to date version of Couple. If not, upgrading will do it– but if so, logging out and logging in again should help.


  4. Hey! My boyfriend and I love the app and the new stickers! He unlocked a few yesterday and most of them are here with me, but for Chip it only shows “Your sticker will be visible once the pack finishes downloading”, but he did it 10 hours ago :( Any idea what to do?

    1. Hi Robert,

      Our share-to-unlock feature is only temporary, so soon it will be possible to buy instead of share! If there are any Valentine’s Day stickers you’d like unlocked, please send an email to, I’m happy to do it.


  5. Two of the sticker packs that I’ve unlocked have failed to download and its been several hours, I unlocked another just now and it was instantaneous :-( plz help

  6. Hello and my girl just love this app ! It help us to stay connected ..
    The new stickers are wonderful .
    I want to know about what are badge notification?
    And there is a new feature in.settings as “Music Status” how to use it ?
    After the update city feature is not working ..
    Please reply asap .


    1. Hi Gaurav,

      So happy to hear that you’re enjoying the stickers! The “Music Status” has been in Couple for some time, and will display what your partner is listening to if you turn it on in settings. For your other issues, can you please send an email to We’re happy to help, but we’re not able to take care of all support issues in our blog comments.


  7. Today (Feb. 10th) is our 2nd anniversary as couple and we consider these new stickers as a great indirect-gift from you!

    Great update!
    please keep doing such wonderful work! :)

  8. Everything’s nice … almost perfect … sometimes even when me n my partner are online the icon above shows OFFLINE as a result of which we aren’t able to thumb kiss or live sketch plus its really irritating… secondly I would love to see a message back up feature which backups up all our messages n settings either to some cloud storage or our external or internal memory whichever is accessible… this backup feature would really be awesome n useful in case we loose our data or change devices…

  9. Hello… I would like to PURCHASE the new stickers, I do not want to post my couple doodles or pictures on either facebook or twitter, they are private (and this is the reason why I like couple, it is just for me and my loved one). Can you please make the stickers purchaseable ?

    1. Hi Adrien!

      We’ll be re-enabling the option to purchase the new stickers soon! The share-to-unlock is around as a Valentine’s Day gift for users, but we definitely understand wanting to keep your moments private. Please let me know if there’s anything else we can do for you!


  10. Hey, Jessy. My boyfriend and I love Couple. We both have androids but neither of ours has updated yet? Do you know when it might update?

    1. Hi!

      Happy to hear that the two of you love the app! We just shipped the Android release this evening. It may take 45 mins to an hour to show up, but it should be there soon!

  11. My boyfriend and I love this app!!! This is the best app to have! I love the new additions with every update. Thank you so much for the sticker packs as gifts!!!

  12. I noticed that the endless love stickers feature male/female couples. Any chance you could offer male/male couples? Thanks! Your app has been my favorite way to send love and affection to my husband, who travels often. We especially love stickers and drawing!

    1. Hi Paul,

      In this particular case, the Endless Love stickers are from a film and the film’s characters are male and female. We support all couples and love of every kind, and have lots of ideas for future stickers.

      Happy Couple-ing!

    2. I had the same exact question – had no idea it was from a movie until I Tweeted Couple!! (My girlfriend and I love the app too!)

  13. Hey!

    It says this is only for a limited time. So does that mean once we share and download the stickers, they will be gone after the event ends?

    1. The stickers will still be there in the app for you to enjoy! What we mean by limited time is that we won’t be allowing users to unlock all of them forever.

  14. I have an Android phone and the share update is not available. I am also trying to purchase the Endless Love sticker pack and it is giving an error. Any ideas?

  15. Hi there!

    This is a really cool update, and I couldn’t wait to use it…until I realized that I can’t. I run your app on an iphone 5, and I can’t seem to get the update on my application.

    Any advice?

    1. Hi Lindsey! We’re hitting the launch button now, so it will take some time for the changes to make their way into the app store. Keep an eye out in the next hour or so!

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