Three Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Relationship

After being trapped in the house for what felt like an endless winter (no more polar vortexes, please!), one of the best things about the arrival of Spring is the spirit of renewal that comes with the warmer, sunnier, flower-filled weather it brings. Just in time for the official beginning of spring, here are a few spring cleaning musts for your relationship.


1) Break a bad habit. Each Spring, millions of people choose to give up something in their lives to break bad behaviors and bring new, positive habits into their lives. Have you ignored your New Years Resolutions? There’s still time to get back on track! Are you guilty of taking your phone/tablet/computer to bed instead of focusing on time with your partner in the evening? Put down the electronic devices and start reconnecting with your sweetheart.

2) Build healthier habits together. Use the warmer, prettier weather and longer daylight hours as an opportunity to get out of the house and get a move on by taking long walks, running together, or starting a spring gardening project. The healthier you are, the longer your life– and the longer your life, the more time you will have to share with the person you love most in the world. What could be better than that?

3) Try something new… or old! Have you always wanted to go on a picnic date with your darling? Do it! Do you want to learn something new– art, yoga, cooking, coding– but you’re not sure where to start? Two heads are better than one! Are all of those Buzzfeed posts about the best of the 90s and 00s making you yearn for the days of coloring books, sand art and Play Doh? Find a few crafts from the “good old days” and get nostalgic with your sweetie! Sharing fun or new experiences together is the easiest way to strengthen your bond with your boo.

Do you have any Spring cleaning plans for your relationship? Share your favorite or most fun tips in the comments!


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