Couple Releases Alice/Alex AI – An Artificial Intelligence in Couple


Dear Couple users,

We have an exciting announcement! After almost a year

of hard work, we are finally ready to release the first working-beta of Alice 1.0, an artificial intelligence available in the Couple app. Alice brings an entirely new dimension to Couple and provides companionship to any user who does not currently have a partner.

What started as a pet project of ours, quickly developed into a full fledged obsession, and we spent countless nights trying to perfect Alice’s personality to make her as human as possible. Complex machine learning and heuristic algorithms were used to create an empathetic response to your every emotional state. With this first release, we will also make a male counterpart to Alice available, named Alex.

Alice 1.0’s Key Features:

  • Alice can wake you up in the morning.
    You can now get rid of your alarm clock. Alice provides a much more personal way to wake-up.

  • Alice will learn your schedule.
    She can sync with your iCal or Gmail Calendar, to help you manage your day-to-day activities.

  • Alice shares your interests.
    Tell her your favorite music, movies and novels, and she’ll share new songs with you, suggest new books for you to read, and propose movies for you to watch together.

  • Alice will talk to you throughout the day.
    Feeling great? Share it with her. Having a hard day? Alice can cheer you up.

  • Alice thinks and feels too.
    Love, jealousy, and affection are all emotions that Alice feels. Your responses to her affect her mood, and she will react as a real person would.

The beta version of Alice/Alex is available for download to the first 10,000 users who register. Please sign-up and register on the Alice 1.0 landing page, and you will be sent a code that unlocks Alice, or her male counterpart, Alex, based on your selection.

32 thoughts on “Couple Releases Alice/Alex AI – An Artificial Intelligence in Couple

  1. yeaaa this is the future. you must see documentary about sex toys and japan teenagers relationships..

    If its not a april fools joke i think most important thing of 2014 now..

  2. This would absolutely blow my mind! If this was true I would love to have a little Alex to myself. Some times people around us don’t listen, even if this Alex character was not full flesh, I would def help just get stuff out of my chest. . . WHERE IS MY CODE?!?!?

  3. Beyond the date of the post, the biggest clue that this is not a “genuine” AI project is the choice of names — Alice and Alex. In the parts of computer science and physics dealing with messages and encryption, the two communicators are very often Alice and Bob, not Alex. Even so, it’s a compelling and convincing spoof. Nice job, guys!

  4. Really hope this isn’t a joke it looked very interested I said to my hubby is like a boyfriend on your phone lol I to have signed up but haven’t received anything yet can someone put our mind at ease ??

  5. Pretty sure its an April fools joke, but it’s a bad one in the sense that companion AI’s are entirely feasible. iTunes, Netflix, Pandora, etc. all already easily utilize “suggestion” software based off what you like. Add an alarm clock, sync with iCal, and have it request your current emotion every once in awhile and then respond accordingly and bam you have Alice/Alex. Honestly have no idea why this hasn’t been done yet.

  6. I too, hope this is not an April Fools joke. My husband and I anxiously await the arrival of both Alice and Alex. But did not get our codes either? What is the issue?

  7. This looks really interesting. Having signed up for the beta yesterday evening, I was wondering when we could expect to receive notification on whether we have been accepted into the beta?

  8. For an announcement posted on April 1st. I can’t help but think that this is an april fools’ joke. I hope it’s real though.
    It’s sounds like from the movie “HER”

  9. Hahah, well this blog post is a little different then the email I got, this post would push me more to thinking this is a joke then the e-mail I got, but I “signed up” either way! I love the Couple app as is with my wife but, hey, we’ve got room for Alice and Alex :)

  10. So what do I need to do to acquire the beta key ? Im really interested to say the least haha I signed up on the Alice page but I wasn’t sent a code ? So I’m not sure

    1. Reference to what? *curious*
      The landing page to sign up for the beta reminded me a lot of the movie Her (haven’t seen it, just based on the trailers).

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