Happy Birthday, Couple: Real-Time Infographic

Happy anniversary to us!

What anniversaries do you celebrate?

Your first date, your first kiss? The moment you became “official”? All of the above?

This Monday, we’re celebrating the two-year anniversary of the Couple app. We’ve spent two whole years bringing more and more couples closer together—and to celebrate, we want to share a

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live infographic with the world.

(Snapshot below – You can check out the live map here)


Introducing the Couple Map, where you can see couples connecting with each other across cities, states, countries, oceans. The map is totally anonymous, and the locations are approximations, but if you want to see yourself on the map, sign in at the top of the page! And while you’re at it, send your partner a message. You’ll notice a uniquely coloured yellow beam connecting the two of you. There you are!


To explain a bit more about how the infographic works,

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when couples who are in the same city send each other a message, you’ll just see a flash. When long-distance couples send messages, you’ll see a streak between their locations. The map also shows the currently trending cities, as well as the most popular stickers, updated in real time.

The most amazing part of all of this, is every flash on this map is a private, two-person connection. It just goes to show, that even in a highly networked world, with countless Facebook connections, we still need a private place where we can go to be ourselves. A place for just you and the person that matters most.

Here’s to love!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Couple: Real-Time Infographic

  1. I so love the couple app. It makes it easier for my sweetie and I to send each other intimate notes ,thus making our long distance relationship a little easier

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