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I'm the weekly columnist at Couple who writes about all things dating, relationships and technology.

Couple Column: Everything You Need to Know About Holiday Breakups

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Breaking up– it sucks, but it is a natural part of the relationship life cycle. Whether you’re going through one yourself or you know someone navigating newfound pre-holiday singledom, here’s everything you need to know about unpairing during the holidays. Continue reading

Couple Column: Tips for Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level


In every relationship there’s a point at which you (and if you’re lucky, your partner) decide that you want more. Maybe you’re only a few dates in, or

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perhaps you’re celebrating another year with your sweetheart. No matter what the next level in your relationship is– becoming an exclusive couple, entering into an engagement, or getting married– here are a few tips on taking it to the next level with your dearest. Continue reading

Couple Column: Three Common Relationship Problems, Solved

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There’s a popular quote from Winston Churchill that many believe applies to relationships— “If you’re going through hell,” he said, “ keep going.” But if your relationship problems are dire enough that you’re likening them to a roadtrip through all 9 levels of Dante’s Inferno…it may be time to slow things down and to do a little course-correction. For those of you who occasionally hit a bump on Relationship Road, here are three common relationship issues and some tips to help you chart a course through them… Continue reading

Couple Column: Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work for You

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Many couples separated by distance are acutely aware of the distance between them– thanks to Google Maps, we can now calculate the number of miles, minutes, seconds, and just about

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anything else keeping us away from our lovers. But is it healthy to focus on the distance between you and your partner? Continue reading

Couple Column: How to Fight Fair with Your Partner


We’ve all done it– after a long, stressful day, lack of sleep, or some other non-ideal circumstance, we’re not as careful with our words as we should be, and BOOM… we’re in a surprise fight with our partner before we know it. Sometimes these fights are face-to-face, and other times they’re device-to-device– but no matter how they happen, the powers of relationship destruction they wield are unparalleled. Continue reading

Couple Column: the Relationship Crunch

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cycle that says it: technology is ruining our lives, our society, our world, our everything. With Facebook being charged with divorces, social media making the pain of breakups last longer than it should, and apps that will write break up text messages and wipe your online existence of your ex for you (no, seriously, that exists), things are looking dire for love in the world of Web 2.0. Continue reading

Couple Column: Getting Digital with Your Partner


While your partner may have committed to being a big part of your life, he didn’t agree to being the subject of research study that you’ll canadian pharmacy modafinil be conducting on the internet (Google ALL the boyfriends!) or a character that will appear on your social media feeds whenever you’re in the middle of a disagreement. Sure, you can delete photos, hide tweets, and erase status messages– but no combination of buttons can buy cialis online canada paypal make him unsee a passive-aggressive blog post that may well end in a breakup you never, ever wanted before your relationship ever truly began. Continue reading

Is he Couple-worthy?: Technology and Dating Compatibility

This week on the Couple blog, we’re launching a column that will be all dating, technology and relationships all the time. Meet our newest (and sassiest!) writer, Tess, author of our first-ever Couple Column about love in the 21st century!


Everyone has seen it– the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine Bennis, beset by a shortage of her favorite contraceptive sponge, begins a stringent vetting process in which she deems whether her current romantic

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interests are worth using a valuable sponge with or not. After questioning their cleaning habits, their career prospects, and their style choices, Elaine decides in each case whether they’re “spongeworthy” or not– and either drags the lucky man to bed or tosses him out accordingly.

When it comes to dating (and sex, of course) there is a whole host of actions, attitudes and behaviors (just like Elaine’s!) that we constantly evaluate in real life situations to determine whether we’re attracted to or whether things could work out or not with a potential partner. Will he wear more than just a hoodie and jeans for date night? Is he courteous to the waitstaff at restaurants, or demanding, pushy and pretty much failing at the whole “table manners” thing? Are we looking for the same things in a relationship with another person or, in three words or less, will it be apparent that this was all a huge mistake? Continue reading