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Is he Couple-worthy?: Technology and Dating Compatibility

This week on the Couple blog, we’re launching a column that will be all dating, technology and relationships all the time. Meet our newest (and sassiest!) writer, Tess, author of our first-ever Couple Column about love in the 21st century!


Everyone has seen it– the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine Bennis, beset by a shortage of her favorite contraceptive sponge, begins a stringent vetting process in which she deems whether her current romantic

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interests are worth using a valuable sponge with or not. After questioning their cleaning habits, their career prospects, and their style choices, Elaine decides in each case whether they’re “spongeworthy” or not– and either drags the lucky man to bed or tosses him out accordingly.

When it comes to dating (and sex, of course) there is a whole host of actions, attitudes and behaviors (just like Elaine’s!) that we constantly evaluate in real life situations to determine whether we’re attracted to or whether things could work out or not with a potential partner. Will he wear more than just a hoodie and jeans for date night? Is he courteous to the waitstaff at restaurants, or demanding, pushy and pretty much failing at the whole “table manners” thing? Are we looking for the same things in a relationship with another person or, in three words or less, will it be apparent that this was all a huge mistake? Continue reading

Four Ways to Use Couple in Your Daily Life


So you’ve downloaded Couple, paired with your partner, and thumbkissed to your heart’s content. Now what? For those of you settling into digital coupledom for the first time, here are a few tips to help you and your partner build new communication habits with Couple. Continue reading

What’s Your Couple Style?

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 6.24.27 PMIn a great relationship, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. When you learn more about yourself, your partner and the way you two complement each other, you can take your relationship to new heights by capitalizing on your strengths. No, you don’t need to join names and declare your couple the next Brangelina. When you’re with the right person, magic happens naturally. The specifics depend on you and your partner. So what’s your couple style? Continue reading

Travel for Two: Tips for Getting Away with Your Partner

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”

– Tom Sawyer Abroad by Mark Twain

Epic writer Mark Twain loved to travel. He knew that it was a fun way to learn about the world, himself and, of course, his companions. The experts have plenty of advice on traveling with friends (thank you, Grace Bonney and Sarah von BargenYou can read about traveling happily with your family like Leo Babauta. But what about traveling as a couple? You know you want to… Continue reading

Beyond Romance Awareness Month: 3 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive


News flash or obvious fact…romance is an important part of relationships. We devote entire days to celebrating romance, like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been following our blog lately, you know that August is Romance Awareness Month (yes, the entire month!). These romantic holidays—or month-long romancefests, in August’s case—serve as reminders that ‘smokin’ hot’ means bringing the heat and if we don’t kindle the flame, the fire goes out. Celebrating the love we share with our partner is definitely not something we can slack on. Throughout our relationships, we should always be looking for opportunities to explore new ways we can show affection, make time for romance and keep the spark alive. Continue reading

Four ways NOT to Use the Internet in Your Relationship

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Here at Couple, we firmly believe in the power of technology to help couples come together: We use our phones to send our loved ones pictures and messages; we communicate constantly via email and chat; and thanks to Skype and FaceTime, we can see and hear each other even when thousands of miles of physical distance separates us. Still, like most innovations, technology and the Internet can occasionally be used in ways that are not exactly ideal for courtship. Staying out of trouble is relatively easy. All you have to do is follow these four rules: Continue reading

Finding the Romance in Texting


Ever since Joe Jonas went and dumped Taylor Swift over text, the art of texting-while-dating has gotten a pretty bad wrap. Experts claim texting your partner will impact pretty much everything about your relationship – communication, intimacy, attentiveness – in mostly negative ways. “The text is the pygmy of communication methods. It’s a Post-it note, a P.S. It’s minimum investment, minimum effort. It’s often cowardly — a way to avoid face-to-face contact — and invariably lazy,” argues columnist Mandy Appleyard, writing over at the

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Daily Mail.

Could texting really be so nefarious? Continue reading

Three Insights on Romance from Real Couples

IMG_0266 When we kicked off the month of August (it’s still Romance Awareness Month!), we did so with a little bit of research about romance, and the place that it occupies in romantic relationships. After gathering information from over 2,000 Couple users, we took a little time to explore the insights that actual users shared with us about their relationships. What we found was surprising: when men and women experience romance, that they experience it in incredibly different ways. Continue reading

Introverts and Extroverts: Can Opposites Attract?

image There is a lot of the truth to the phrase “opposites attract.” Let’s be honest, many reasons we love our partners are tied directly to the differences they bring to our lives – personality, sense of humor, hobbies, organizing the refrigerator, etc. However, the differences (and similarities) we share often go far beyond mere interests. For instance, every person has either introverted or extroverted tendencies. Continue reading

Romance: R U doin’ it? Insights on Romance Awareness Month


When we first heard that August is Romance Awareness Month, we couldn’t quite believe our ears. Is this an actual thing? Are there people who are unaware of the role of romance in their relationships? While there are holidays and special dates throughout the year that remind you to be romantic– Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve (smooches!), Christmas, birthdays, and your anniversary– isn’t romance more than just spending quality time with your partner because the calendar said so?  Continue reading