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Four Awesome Lists to Use with Your Partner


When it comes to technology, learning your way around a new app– or finding new features in a tried-and-true favorite can be one of the most rewarding experiences of all. With this in mind, we’re launching a blog series of pro tips to answer your questions about how to best use the variety of different features within the app. To kick it off, we’re answering a

common question that regularly comes up with users who are new to the Couple community:

“How can I use lists with my partner? What kind of lists should we make? Where do I start?” Continue reading

Stickers: A Sneak Peek

image A few weeks ago, we spotted this article from the Wall Street Journal about a new digital communication trend in which users convey emotion to one another within messaging apps via the “digital sticker.” According to the author,

“People can now avoid conveying complex emotions in writing, because they can express themselves with tiny images of doe-eyed puppies or flatulent bunnies.”

We’re not so sure about the flatulent bunnies part (please, fellow technologists, whatever you do, don’t make that a scratch ‘n sniff sticker), but as the creators of a messaging app meant to bring people closer together, new modes of expression and communication are very near and dear to our hearts. Why has communication through images become so in-demand? Continue reading

Modern Intimacy: Thinking About Sex

image At some point in life– usually in the

middle of our teenage years– we end up learning from our friends or our parents about the birds and the bees. But what happens to us when we’re adults? In his recent book How to Think More About Sex, pop culture philosopher Alain de Botton takes on the philosophical aspects of sex, desire, and intimacy. While sex is most definitely in the book’s title, there are no awkward diagrams to be found. Instead, in his usual wry, witty and provocative style, de Botton takes on the philosophical aspects of one of our most intimate acts, arguing that, “We don’t think too much about sex; we’re merely thinking about it the wrong way.” Continue reading

Couple Story: Kelsey + Stephen

image For our second Couple Story, we’re handing our blog over to Kelsey + Stephen, a long-distance pair in a bi-coastal relationship finding their places in the world as young adults. After two years together— and multiple moves— they are 2,267 miles apart and are looking forward to the day that they are together and in the same place once again. Many, many thanks go out to Kelsey for taking the time to share their Couple Story! Continue reading

Calling all Couple users in Boston, Philly and NYC!

A few weeks ago, we shared the news that Microsoft Research’s Social Media Collective was looking for participants in to take part in a study about how they use Couple. The study originally focused on couples of all types in the greater Boston area, but this week is week, they’re opening up their call for participants to users living in New York City and Philadelphia, PA. From the cost of viagra 100mg original post:

In a
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call for participants from their blog, researcher Joshua McVeigh-Schultz says, “While there is a ton of research on scalable social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, not much has been done to look

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at people’s experiences in these small micro social platforms. We are looking to change that!”

Continue reading

Announcing Couple Community


In the age of the Internet, it seems as if there are about eleventy billion places to consult when you’re in need of information or advice. Google is great for finding the most obscure of facts, but where do people go when they want to interact with like-minded people?

When it comes to connecting, no one knows the ins and outs of being in a relationship better than our users. For this reason, we are excited to launch the Couple community, a place where anyone can connect and share all things Couple. Be part of the conversation and join today! Continue reading

OMG! Is text messaging killing language?

In his TED talk discussing the balancing act of texting, speech and writing, linguist John McWhorter explores
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linguistic shortcuts we take when with text and other messaging technology. Focusing specifically on terms like LOL and slash (a term used to quickly change the topic of conversation), he explains that these terms and others (“haha,” “yo,” “like,” and “umm”) function as “pragmatic particles” we’ve begun to use them to demonstrate empathy towards one another, not actual laughter out loud. Texting is “a miraculous thing,” but to understand it we need to first take a look at

the heart of language. At its very core, language is all about speech says McWhorter, and, on average, we speak in

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word “packets” of 7-10 words. For much of human existence, we’ve communicated with one another through language via speech, not by writing. If humanity had only existed for 24 hours, he points out, written language would not appear until 11:07 PM. Once upon a time, it was popular to speak the way we wrote. However, at some point this reversed and we began writing the way we speak. Until the advent of modern technology– specifically, the technologies that enable the rapid sending and receiving of messages– this sort of communicative exchange just wasn’t possible. Texting and other short message communications are a balancing act between spoken and written language, but it acts more as an “expansion of [our]” linguistic repertoire than anything else. Because of this, texting is something that McWhorter calls “fingered speech,” a mode of communication where no one really thinks about the rules of capitalization

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and punctuation because they just don’t apply. The world as we know it isn’t coming to an end because we’ve adopted the word “bae” or “boo” to refer to a significant other instead of a flowery term like “my most precious darling.” Rather, the ubiquitous LOLs and hahas of short message speak are markers of linguistic duality, or the sort of fluency we gain when we frequently switch between different modes of communication. In terms of neuroscience, linguistic dualism has many of the same cognitive benefits of bilingualism, making those who are fluent in communication modes better multi-taskers who are more likely have longer attention spans. Technological advancements are making it easier for language to evolve into a more fluid and expressive means of communication that mirrors the diction and patterns of spoken language. While the terminology prolific in texting and messaging apps may appear to be meaningless gibberish, to those communicating in that mode of speech, it is anything but. Texting and short messaging are a “linguistic miracle happening right under our noses,” a whole new way of writing that we’re developing and in addition to our ordinary linguistic skills that may just be making us smarter.

Should we “Date Local?”

image In an article for Slate, writer Barron YoungSmith paints a portrait of environmental ruin caused by the most unlikely of culprits: long distance relationships. “The planet is about to suffer for your love,” YoungSmith writes, proposing we adopt a movement to “date local.” Inspired by the movement to eat locally-grown foods, he suggests that we give up on long distance relationships entirely and become “locasexuals.” But is the planet really being destroyed by our carbon-dioxide tainted long distance love? Continue reading

Couple Story: Sarah + Kurt

Today, we’re launching “Couple Stories,” a blog series where Couple users can share how they stay connected to the person they love the most. In our first-ever Couple Story, Sarah, a military wife, shares how she uses Couple to stay in touch with her husband Kurt who is currently serving in Afghanistan. Many, many thanks go to Sarah for taking the time to write this post. image Continue reading

Microsoft Social Media Collective Studying Couple Users

Calling all Couple users! Today, we are giving a signal boost to the Social Media Collective at Microsoft Research, a team of social scientists who need the help of Couple users to do a study on “microsocial network apps.” In a call for participants from their blog, researcher is there a generic viagra Joshua McVeigh-Schultz says, “While there is

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a ton of research on scalable social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, not much has been done to look at people’s experiences in these small micro social platforms. We are looking to change that!” For their study of relational communication within our app, they need:

  • Any and all kinds of couples to participate— romantic couples, friends, parent-child, sibling, etc.
  • Couples who can come to Cambridge, MA within the next few weeks.
  • Couples who are http://canadiandrugs-medsnorx.com/ willing to share their timeline with the research team.

If you meet this criteria, drop them an email here, or learn more about their research! For the purposes canadian pharmacy exam for foreigners of their study, shelf life for viagra Couple users will have some control over how they

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share their information with researchers. Participants will remain anonymous, and any viagracanadianpharmacy-norx.com information captured from their timelines will be cleared of identification information. As a generic cialis alldaychemist display of gratitude from the research team, all participants will receive a $20 gift card.