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What’s Your Couple Style?

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 6.24.27 PMIn a great relationship, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. When you learn more about yourself, your partner and the way you two complement each other, you can take your relationship to new heights by capitalizing on your strengths. No, you don’t need to join names and declare your couple the next Brangelina. When you’re with the right person, magic happens naturally. The specifics depend on you and your partner. So what’s your couple style? Continue reading

Six Lessons from our Favorite Couples

relationship-celebrity-couple-broke-up-thinking-of-you-ecards-someecards Being in a relationship is hard work. For a lot of us, the growing-up process involves figuring out who we are and what we want and need from other people. But we’re not always as finely attuned as what everyone else wants and needs from us. When you’re in a relationship, the process of learning the give-and-take can take some getting used to. In a new romance especially, complications and misunderstandings lurk behind every corner. Meanwhile, even the most seemingly stable long-term relationships can be derailed by complacency and inertia. There’s a reason couples therapy exists: Everyone has to work at keeping their canadian pharmacy hcg partners – and themselves – satisfied. Not ready to head to the shrink? Have no fear: We’ve picked up some tips from our favorite couples – romantic and platonic (by mariana dresshead), romances and bromances – on how to keep your relationship as fresh and drama-free as ever. Continue reading

Travel for Two: Tips for Getting Away with Your Partner

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”

– Tom Sawyer Abroad by Mark Twain

Epic writer Mark Twain loved to travel. He knew that it was a fun way to learn about the world, himself and, of course, his companions. The experts have plenty of advice on traveling with friends (thank you, Grace Bonney and Sarah von BargenYou can read about traveling happily with your family like Leo Babauta. But what about traveling as a couple? You know you want to… Continue reading

Introverts and Extroverts: Can Opposites Attract?

image There is a lot of the truth to the phrase “opposites attract.” Let’s be honest, many reasons we love our partners are tied directly to the differences they bring to our lives – personality, sense of humor, hobbies, organizing the refrigerator, etc. However, the differences (and similarities) we share often go far beyond mere interests. For instance, every person has either introverted or extroverted tendencies. Continue reading

Five Good Relationship Habits of Happy Couples

image What do happy couples do? They spend all of their time together, right? They call each other ridiculous pet names. Loudly. In public. They buy each other tons of expensive gifts for birthdays and for 7-week anniversaries and for no reason at all. They never fight. Oh, and they have sex ALL THE TIME. Right? Does any of that sound familiar? Well, that may be the myth perpetuated by every sitcom since 1974 (we’re looking at you, Ross and Rachel), but it’s far from reality. The truth is much more, well, fun. Continue reading

Modern Intimacy: Thinking About Sex

image At some point in life– usually in the

middle of our teenage years– we end up learning from our friends or our parents about the birds and the bees. But what happens to us when we’re adults? In his recent book How to Think More About Sex, pop culture philosopher Alain de Botton takes on the philosophical aspects of sex, desire, and intimacy. While sex is most definitely in the book’s title, there are no awkward diagrams to be found. Instead, in his usual wry, witty and provocative style, de Botton takes on the philosophical aspects of one of our most intimate acts, arguing that, “We don’t think too much about sex; we’re merely thinking about it the wrong way.” Continue reading

We’re really excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Instacanv.as for an Instagram contest!

Instacanv.as is a marketplace allowing users to buy and sell Instagram photos as museum quality canvas art that you can hang up on your wall. Not only is Instacanv.as really cool for photographers, but it makes the BEST gift to give to your significant other.

So what’s the contest? How about the prize (of course there’s a prize!)? Three lucky winners will get a free 12” x 12” canvas of their contest submission.

Here are the rules and what we want to see!

1: Follow @Pairapp and @Instacnvs on Instagram to Sign-Up

2: Post a picture to Instagram of hand hearts, with @pairapp & @instacnvs and the hashtag #handhearts in the photo description.

- What are #handhearts? Use your hands, or one hand from you and your partner, to make a heart shape! See examples here – http://blog.trypair.com/tagged/handhearts

3: Be creative! Instacanv.as and Pair will review the images selected to choose the best submissions. The ones that stand out will have a better chance of winning, and

there is no limit to the number of photos you submit, so post away!

The contest starts TODAY, Monday June 18th and you can post your photo(s) to Instagram until Sunday June 24th at 11:59 PST. On Monday June 25th, we’ll announce the winners in the afternoon on our Facebook page and notify the winners via Instagram. Pretty

simple, right?

Good luck!

- Team Pair

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