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Finding the Romance in Texting


Ever since Joe Jonas went and dumped Taylor Swift over text, the art of texting-while-dating has gotten a pretty bad wrap. Experts claim texting your partner will impact pretty much everything about your relationship – communication, intimacy, attentiveness – in mostly negative ways. “The text is the pygmy of communication methods. It’s a Post-it note, a P.S. It’s minimum investment, minimum effort. It’s often cowardly — a way to avoid face-to-face contact — and invariably lazy,” argues columnist Mandy Appleyard, writing over at the

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Daily Mail.

Could texting really be so nefarious? Continue reading

5 Date Night Ideas for Long Distance Couples


Being in a long-distance relationship can be as fulfilling as it is occasionally infuriating. Going months without an in-person visit with your loved one can feel like a deal-breaker, and scheduling Skype dates weeks in advance doesn’t always feel super romantic. But in the age of omnipresent internet connectivity, living apart from your partner doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go on dates with them. Thanks to the ubiquity of video chat programs, including FaceTime, Skype, and Google + hangouts, staying in close touch has never been easier. And getting creative with your long-distance dates can produce some truly intimate – not to mention original – shared experiences. So in the interest of inspiration, we’ve rounded up 5 great dates you can do from a distance. Continue reading

Should we “Date Local?”

image In an article for Slate, writer Barron YoungSmith paints a portrait of environmental ruin caused by the most unlikely of culprits: long distance relationships. “The planet is about to suffer for your love,” YoungSmith writes, proposing we adopt a movement to “date local.” Inspired by the movement to eat locally-grown foods, he suggests that we give up on long distance relationships entirely and become “locasexuals.” But is the planet really being destroyed by our carbon-dioxide tainted long distance love? Continue reading